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course, fever in pregnant may not be associated with any disease - only with a change in hormonal levels.Usually moms temperature ranges from low grade.This is quite normal and it should not be your concern.Churn or something that temperature does not need to be adjusted.Another thing, if it comes, for example, about SARS, or ARI.What can pregnant women take at?Of course, pregnant women are recommended to start with in order to visit the doctor.Treatment of any diseases occurring during pregnancy, should take place under the strict supervision of specialists.

If the window raging flu epidemic, the pregnant women should not go to the clinic, and the need to call a doctor at home.Or, if the manifestations of the disease are small, try to cope with it on their own.

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slight rise in temperature in the cold due to the occurrence of inflammation within the body.Thus, if you can handle it, it will disappear and the temperature.

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he first symptoms of the disease, it is recommended to comply with bed rest and to provide themselves with copious drinking.But pregnant women a little harder.And if in the first trimester of pregnancy are no restrictions on the drinking, you can not do that here, starting from the second trimester, the amount of consumed drinking need to be monitored in order to avoid the appearance of edema.

suitable as drinking tea with raspberries and lemon, broth hips, linden and chamomile, fruit drinks, milk and honey.Please note that all liquid is not hot, but just warm, not hot 40 degrees.

especially during pregnancy should monitor the temperature.As you know, the temperature indicates that the organism is trying to cope with the disease on their own.And in the normal state is not too high a temperature (below 39.5 degrees), even it is not recommended to shoot down.In case, if a person has weakened the immune system, the temperature and he did can not be.But pregnancy is another matter.Prolonged fever may threaten the well-being of your unborn baby.

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If the temperature continues to rise, brew with boiling water following collection: 2 pieces of raspberries, mix with 3 parts of plantain leaves and 4 parts mother and stepmother.Take the temperature of 3-4 times a day for 1 st.spoon.

Prepare the infusion according to the following recipe: powdered bark of white willow - 1 teaspoon, pour boiling water - 250 ml.Let sit for 1 hour, strain.Take 1 tablespoon 4-5 times a day.Prepare infusion as needed.

Use sponging with cool water, wear a cotton shirt and hide not warm blankets.Overheating your body is completely useless.Well help pregnant women at a temperature and a towel soaked in cold water and put on the forehead.

Usually it is not recommended for pregnant women to use drugs in order to bring down the temperature.However, there are occasions when the soft non-drug funds are insufficient and need to take urgent measures.tablet of paracetamol or aspirin should be taken immediately if