What can pregnant women take for colds

Of course, it would be good does not hurt, especially during pregnancy, but, unfortunately, this is something from the field of utopia.And expectant mothers get cold in the same way, and even more - because their immune system is depressed, so as not to deprive life began.This condition is called - immunosuppression.But this condition, unfortunately, leads to the fact that the body is unable to fight bacteria with any external or those that lie dormant within the body.Therefore, treatment for pregnant women is still necessary.However, it is clear that the main principle of this treatment should be: do no harm.What can be pregnant with a cold?

How to treat a cold during pregnancy

distinctive feature of this treatment is that pregnant women should not take any drugs of chemical origin.But that's not all.Usually, when a person's immune system is suppressed, it is given a so-called adjuvants.Firstly, as already mentioned, any stimulation of the immune system can lead to the fact that the fetus will reje

ction reaction.And, secondly, immunostimulants - Rhodiola rosea, ginseng, and others raise blood pressure, heart rate speeds up, placing a heavy burden on the cardiac system of the future baby, which is already running at high speed.

Do you know how fast your heart is beating a child?200 beats per minute and more.Even more to accelerate this process - this means the risk of various heart problems in the newborn.

Treat colds pregnant should be very natural medicines or folk methods that will achieve the desired effect without causing harm to the unborn child.

How to treat a runny nose pregnant

Do not get involved in this period vasoconstrictor agents.The fact that they can cross the placenta and fetal blood flow to break.Therefore, drugs like naftizina or galazolin should be used in exceptional cases.Also, pregnant occurs much faster dependence on such drugs and help they simply stop.

Moms better not to use synthetic drugs, and to facilitate the use and treatment of rhinitis nasal lavage solution of sea salt.Well also help money made on its basis - Salin, akvamaris, Pinasol and the like.

to clean the nasal cavity you can use soda-tannin drops that will prepare yourself.To do this, fill it with ordinary black tea - 1 tea spoon 250 ml of boiling water, put on fire and slowly simmer for 15 minutes.After strain the tea leaves and add the baking soda - 1 teaspoon.Bury several times a day, pouring into each nostril 1 full pipette.Then, clean your nose - blowing your nose.

What can pregnant women with colds

Good help for colds in pregnancy ordinary folk remedies - tea with honey and raspberry, warm blanket.Bed rest.

milk with butter and honey helps to cope with a sore throat and cough.Of the drugs that are acceptable to pregnant colds, can be called a throat spray for Bioparox, syrups or Gedeliks Dr. Mom.All these natural remedies, which are allowed to use for pregnant women from the cold, and even infants.When the temperature or headache - take Paracetamol.

Please note that if you are unable to cope with the rise in temperature, malaise lasting more than 3 days, and nasal discharge or sputum by coughing acquired purulent character, you need to consult a doctor immediately.Do not go to him yourself, be sure to call your doctor in the house and put him about her pregnancy.