What can pregnant women take cough

hacking dry cough If anyone is not a pleasure, then he is pregnant, and is a serious threat to the pregnancy.After coughing causes stress many muscles of the body and results in the tone of the uterus, which can result in miscarriage.Considering all these factors, it is clear that pregnant women should begin cough treatment as soon as possible, without bringing the matter before it, when the whole body begins to shrink from sharp and painful cuts.

But the situation with a cough in pregnant women is significantly complicated by the fact that pregnant women can not use conventional medications, which would take advantage of any other person in their place.Some drugs can not be accepted because they can penetrate through the placenta to the baby and affect its development, the impact of the other to the end is not known, and to avoid unnecessary risk of their also not recommended to take.So it is possible for pregnant cough?


Inhalation - this is the most safe and effective method of treatme

nt that can be used by pregnant cough.Actually, certainly, many people remember it from my childhood, when my grandmother seated us breathe steam over a pan of hot potatoes.I must say that it really is a very effective way, as in a couple of potato contains a lot of substances that are well soften sore throat, envelop it and facilitate expectoration.Inhale steam potato should be by mouth and exhale - nose.Do not forget to head to hide a warm scarf or towel.

However, inhalation pregnant cough can be used not only grandmother's potatoes.A good therapeutic effect have decoctions of herbs - chamomile, sage, calendula and others.If the hand was not no grass, you can simply add a little water, soda or salt.They also give good softening effect.

breathe over the steam needed for 5-10 minutes.If you breathe over the pot, you should be very careful not to burn yourself.

However, thank God, inhalation can be carried out today, and more convenient way of using a special device - an inhaler.In order to conduct inhalation using such a device, you can use the same broth or solutions as for normal inhalation.

Note that inhalation can not be carried out at a high temperature, it is impossible to go after them in the cold, and drink out of the fridge drinks.The best thing to do before the inhalation of hay and go after them under a warm blanket.

What can pregnant cough.Some recipes for inhalation

Medications that can be applied to pregnant cough

During the whole period of pregnancy, regardless of the trimester you can use during dry cough:

not recommended to use in the first trimester, but calmly, you can usein the second half of pregnancy

There were no contraindications, but has not yet been completely determined medications for cough

Remember that all medications pregnant cough can be taken only field coordination with the attending physician.