Diet Barry Sears diet

Perhaps the most noise done the book Barry Sears over the past few years about proper nutrition "Zone".Speaking of diet, in which the carbohydrate content is slightly lower compared to the usual US food regime, and much lower than in the poor in fat and rich in carbohydrates and Ornish diets Pritikina.Nevertheless, in the diet by Barry Sears diet carbohydrate content greater than that of Atkins and Idsov, and thus a lower percentage of fat and protein.

Diet Barry Sears diet - diet

Diet Barry Sears recommends us to make your diet in such a ratio of 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbohydrate, which is usually referred to simply as 30-30-40.Being by profession a pharmacist, he urges his readers to consider the food as for the delivery system of the body is strictly calibrated doses of "medicine."The interval between meals should not exceed five hours.

This hormonal system will be in constant equilibrium.As a result, according to Sears, human health, complies with this diet, get stronger and reach that

ideal state in which a person thinks clearly, full of energy and does not experience hunger.This condition is called Sears' Zone. "He brings strong arguments against radical low-carbohydrate food regimes, especially ketogenic.(However, this does not prevent him from being in good, friendly relations with Dr. Michael and Mary Dan Ida.)

Restrictions Barry Sears diet slimming

I tried to sit on such a diet, and I was in spite of all the assurances of the author overcame stronghunger.There like all the time!But I hate to go hungry.Some of my friends tried it too.Those who until then in order to lose weight follow the basic low-carbohydrate diet, found that dieting "Zone" feel ravenous hunger.And no matter how accurate they may have tried to stick to your diet by Barry Sears, their bodies never saturated.

On the other hand, sitting on his very low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet, I think clearly, full of energy and do not feel hunger.And this is precisely what promises Cyr those who sit on a diet "Zone".

This useful diet by Barry Sears diet

Sears created the diet is designed primarily for people with normal metabolism.That's it!Diet Barry Sears diet has benefited those who are always engaged in sports, someone overweight has never been large, only one or two kilograms.

Another disadvantage of this diet is that the body's need for protein is determined based on the ratio between fat and muscle mass, that is, the gain you exercise, the more your body needs protein.That's why athletes eat badly, but those who are involved in sports a little, to be content with a barely visible mound of cheese or a small piece of chicken.This diet is not for me!By the way, some skeptics claim, and not without reason, that the diet "Zone" lose weight mainly due to significant calorie restriction and not due to the wonderful ratio of substances.

wonder there's something else.When I sent an email to the site "Zone", then they sent me a response, in particular where it was reported about some changes in the diet.If it said, your body after a meal is not satisfied, then, therefore, it contains too many carbohydrates and not enough fat.A much less carbohydrates and more fat in my usual main low-carb diet!

In addition, with the publication of the "Zone" Cyr raised the minimum protein intake, so now increased diet even those who do not exercise.The author, apparently overcome complaints of hunger!

Features diet by Barry Sears diet

If you are heavily involved in sports, if you only upon reaching middle age a little stouter or even eat foods low in fat and high in carbohydrates, the diet Sears is, perhaps, what younecessary.Anyone who wants to experience the effect of this food regime on yourself, I recommend the book Sears' Zone "and its sequel" The path to the Zone. "Because this diet is quite complicated, I will not even try to describe it in detail.In that case, why I spoke about it.The fact that Sears in his book introduces readers to an interesting and very useful theory - the theory eykozanoydov.How, how, you ask again?