What can pregnant women take for heartburn

Even if before you were absolutely not familiar with the phenomenon as heartburn, you will almost certainly fill this gap during pregnancy.Heartburn pregnancy - is very common and very annoying.And enjoy it, in general, is not enough.To pregnant women struggle with heartburn, it is first necessary to deal with those reasons that cause it.And even then it will be understood that it is possible for pregnant women from heartburn?

Why in pregnant heartburn occurs

Heartburn occurs when stomach acid is thrown back into the esophagus and irritate its mucous membrane.Then there is a burning sensation behind the breastbone and in the mouth there is a strong or a weak acidic taste.Sometimes gastric secretion could even threw down the throat into the mouth.

Heartburn starts tormenting pregnant women, as a rule, in the second half of pregnancy.And there it is because the growing uterus begins to significantly pressure on the stomach, and this feeling will only get worse over time.Although, it happens that begi

ns heartburn in pregnant women from the very first trimester.

Normally, the esophagus pass back into the esophagus to gastric juice closed sphincter - a special safety valve and a healthy person does not suffer from heartburn.However, progesterone, a hormone that is produced by the body during pregnancy soften the joints, ligaments and muscles, accordingly, this valve relaxes too.That's what gives you the opportunity to pressure the acid from the stomach that it has a uterus, fall back.

Hormonal changes and increase the level of hormones in the body significantly alter the course of time many processes.In particular, the digestion time is significantly increased.The fact is that the muscles are not so readily cut, as before, and the food passes more slowly through the esophagus.Thus, for the breakdown of food components is much slower digestive processes are disturbed, resulting in becoming and heartburn.

What can pregnant women from heartburn