Diet Dr. Bormentalja slimming

To date, there is a fairly wide range of psychological techniques to help a person lose weight.And a special place among these methods based on the psychology of the doctor takes Bormentalja diet for weight loss.

based diet for weight loss doctor Bormentalja

This methodology contains 25 special psychological techniques to help reduce appetite, reduce the volume of the stomach, strengthen metabolism, to form a stable motivation to weight loss, achieve a sense of fullness after a small amount of food.

diet doctor Bormentalja method consists of slimming treatments that reduce weight without much effort, without torturing yourself diets without exposing your body incredible physical stress.This technique uses special breathing, neurolinguistic, meditation, and a number of other methods.Each following method increases the impact of the previous one, increasing the final result.As a result, you will no longer overeat!

example, to slimming session on Bormental you ate 2 chocolate bars, and following the

course you will need only a single slices.In other words, during these sessions, there is a psychological correction of excessive weight.

Implementation Dr. Bormentalja diet slimming

This slimming system is patented in 2001.The method for weight loss Bormental includes several personal consultations and five group sessions.At the 1 meeting performed psychological tests on the computer, which allows you to realize the fullness of the base, locate the existing contraindications or any other reasons.The man explained the essence of sessions, make recommendations in the course of which the acquired desired harmony.In the first lesson, there is the human body's process of switching from one mode to another (from the accumulation of fat in weight loss).It uses techniques to help activate the metabolism, strengthen muscle tone of the stomach, reducing the feeling of hunger and appetite.Teach eat rationally.

The second session discussed the difficulties encountered during the execution of the program.This is explained by the difference between the "hunger" and "appetite".Man by special techniques and using acupuncture to "negotiate" with your body.With the activation of metabolic processes unique breathing technique.

At the third session, participants already know how to work against hunger and appetite.Therefore, in the course are all techniques developed by professional psychologists.So, if we talk about Dr. Bormentalja method of losing weight, the weight loss course includes more than 25 techniques to help you change your whole way of life.As a result, after the course, people comes emotional harmony, relieves muscle spasms and chronic clamps, energy is released and increases the quality of life.

The fourth lesson "fixed" harmony.Participants break out, depending on the food.This stage can be called the most important - in fact most of us lose weight and capable of self - to the aid of the numerous diets, but not allowed to return extra kilos under the force of each.

Finally, the next meeting shall be appointed within a month.She fastened achievements and overcome the difficulties.But even after the end of training (treatment?) Person does not throw - customer observes psychologist internally, given advice by telephone and the Internet.Welcomes the use of audio cassettes and CDs with special programs.

Currently, this psycho technique slimming is one of the most efficient in the process of getting rid of excess weight.And every year more and more people, both women and men, it is turning to psychological methods, knowing that most of our problems - we have in mind.

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