What can pregnant women to eat - some guidelines

Pregnant women and then think about what they eat, whether they can eat it, it is useful for the future of the child or, on the contrary, it may be harmful.Meanwhile, the information they receive from a variety of sources, often turns out to be quite controversial.Who says you have to eat fish, because in it - phosphorus, and who said that, on the contrary, in the fish can be mercury, and it can be dangerous for the baby.Can I eat meat as a protein source, or is it too hard to eat?And Eggs - whether they are useful during pregnancy, or whether they contain cholesterol, but it can be harmful too?

Not surprisingly, all of these reflections, a future mother just my head is spinning.However, sometimes in the antenatal clinic can give you a list of recommended products, as well as those that should be abandoned for the duration of pregnancy.But when pregnant women give this list, it's scary sometimes even more.After watching it begins to seem that you can not eat anything at all.But is it all really scary?

What can pregnant women eat?What You Should Know pregnant

In fact, expectant mothers list of prohibited foods during pregnancy is not so great.Doctors at the maternity clinic often enough simply reinsured and include a list of those foods that can cause allergies, or those that can be eaten in moderation.Sometimes to get those names that were once considered controversial, but later point of view could change.

It is desirable for pregnant women to eat foods that contain chemical additives, preservatives, dyes.Do not eat chips, drink alcohol, eat foods of suspicious origin and, of course, with a questionable shelf life.Here, in fact, all the major prohibitions.

In all other aspects need to listen to your body, and if it is something urgently requires, give it to him.But - in small quantities, not abusing.

We want to talk to you about the foods that pregnant women eat an extremely useful and which will be able to enrich their body almost all the necessary nutrients.

What can pregnant women eat.A short list of the most useful products

Salmon - contains high-quality protein, so necessary to your child and the polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids.The salmon is practically not contain methyl mercury, which is found in many other varieties of fish, which means that the salmon is perfectly safe for your unborn baby and his nervous system.

Legumes - contain not only extremely useful vegetable protein, but also a significant amount of dietary fiber, which is an excellent prevention of constipation during pregnancy.In addition, beans contain a lot of iron, calcium, folate, zinc, and B vitamins

very necessary for pregnant women to eat eggs - chicken and quail.It is useful and necessary protein, in addition, a large number of vitamins and minerals.Contained in the eggs of vitamin B4 - Choline contributes to the intellectual development of your unborn baby.

Cereals, including popcorn .Do not be surprised - the popcorn, this is also just a whole corn.The grains contain a large amount of dietary fiber, selenium, vitamin E, and substances which protect human cells from the negative effects.Whole grain bread, pearl barley, buckwheat - all this is very necessary for pregnant women to eat.

Vegetables and fruits a variety of colors.Bright multi-colored fruits and vegetables - this is not just a beautiful meal.Different colors - white, red, yellow, green - any, suggests that you get a variety and a variety of substances, without which it is impossible to manage pregnant.If you are afraid of allergies - eat a little of everything, so that you are sure that your baby gets all it needs.