Application of gray American hawthorn in folk medicine


Related drugs: Bryonia, Nux vomica, Hydrastis, Cimicifuga, Pulsatilla, Kali bichromicum.

Specific action: on the stomach, lungs and skin.

Application of gray American hazel in folk medicine

Diseases of the skin;erythema;lichen;ecthyma, pemphigus;redness and irritation of the respiratory and digestive organs;inflammation of the eye;catarrh of the pharynx;chronic inflammation of the throat;constipation;diarrhea;bronchitis;cough;redness and inflammation of the lungs;coughing up blood;rheumatism;neuralgic pains;convulsions.


General. Chills or total heat;exhaustion;weakness;aches in different parts of fatigue;general weakness.

Brains nervous system. oppressed state of mind;dizziness or weakness;dull headache when lifting or after breakfast;aches in the back of the head in the morning in bed, passing when lifting;thoughts seem to be matted.

eyes. Severe inflammation of the eyelids with the formation of pustules.

person. dry, burning sensation to severe inflammation and redness, as the action of the sun.

digestive system. Cold in the throat extending to the stomach;dry lips, moist mouth;soreness on the tongue;dry throat;catarrh of the pharynx;feeling as if his throat was swollen;loss of appetite;the taste of copper, cheese or bitter;nausea;fading or burning feeling in the stomach;pain in the stomach;fever and pain in the liver;belching copper taste of gases;an ache in the gut after a meal;bursting pain in the groin, with a strong rawness when lifting from lying position;diarrhea, smelling of onions;diarrhea with zhileniem and burning before and after it;constipation.

chest and breathing.Wheezing mucus in the bronchi and wheezing, or without sputum, expectoration, or very viscous mucus or stuffy;pain on the left or right side of the chest, the increasing pressure;exhaled air smells like old cheese;a strong tightness in the chest;cutting pain;hyperemia of the lungs;a nagging pain in the bottom of the lungs, as it were from the heavy stitches under the right scapula with painful breathing;hemoptysis.

muscular system. aches sacrum is tilted;heat along the back and sacrum;aching back near the waist and sometimes Shooting;aching hands and wrists, as if they were dislocated;severe pain under the arm, extending down the arm;an ache in his right shoulder;glow in the inner side of the thigh;the heat in the feet;cramps in his left thigh during the night;pain in the right knee, sometimes in the calves.

skin. skin Fever;erysipelas erythema as the action of the scorching sun;podiraniya sensation on the skin with redness and other skin symptoms;Skin redness and small blisters or pimples, pustules occasionally on it;dry skin;rashes on the lips, after the common cold.