Diet Marina Blinovskii slimming

author of such an invention as molokochaynaya diet is octogenarian former fashion model named Marina Blinovskaya, managed to retain the charm and freshness of the skin pieces in such an advanced age.This option is recommended for those who dream of a slim figure and tries to maintain optimal weight.And the secret here lies in the regularly scheduled days of unloading on the tea and milk.As the accompanying elements molokochaynoy diet must necessarily attend regular physical activity and moderate diet.

Molokochaynaya Marina Blinovskii diet for weight loss - Option 1

During the handling of the day every two hours you need to drink a glass of strong tea with one slice of sugar.And in between you need to drink milk, and his total for the day should be one and a half liters.If for any reason you can not take tea on schedule, then mix it with milk, pour into a thermos flask or bottle and drink throughout the day.

Tea can take both green and black.But when choosing, keep in mind: green tea is characteriz

ed by a mild effect on the body, it speeds up the metabolism and thus weight normalizes.

second diet option for losing weight Marina Blinovskii

necessary to make a half tablespoons of green tea and a half liters of boiling milk and strain.The resulting beverage is drunk throughout the day, in parallel should drink about two liters of mineral water without gas.Molokochaynaya diet is characterized by ease and efficiency.For one fasting day you can get rid of one or two kilograms, depending on your physical activity, as well as the features of the construction of the body.

afford this diet can be no more than once a week.Milk gives the body he needed nutrients and vitamins, and caffeine in the composition of tea triggers the activation of the process of burning fat.

Use diet Marina Blinovskii

Molokochaynaya diet suitable for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract as well as a combination of "milk + tea" is better absorbed.It is very useful in diseases of the heart, kidneys and nervous system.A mixture of milk tea has a good diuretic and choleretic effect.During this diet all the fluid you need to drink up to six o'clock in the evening.During this period, it is recommended sufficient sleep and leisure.Molokochaynaya diet is good for the fact that it has no contraindications and because of its safety relevant at any age.

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