We prepare the menu : Can pregnant eggs

When a woman learns of her pregnancy, then all sorts of taboos frightened, she begins, as they say, "blowing in the milk."What can and can not eat pregnant - on this subject has been written a lot, but questions still remain.For example, eggs.Can pregnant eggs, and if so - in what form to include them in your diet?

What is so scared egg expectant mothers?After all, it would seem that may be harmful in the natural products, prepared for us by nature itself?It turns out all heard about the hazards of cholesterol and do not know whether it is possible to overload their body during pregnancy.

These eggs are very useful

In fact, the egg is simply a storehouse of various nutrients required for the development of a new organism.This is understandable - because the egg and created to bird or, in this case, chicken embryo in the egg could find everything necessary for its successful growth.So, in the whole egg contains 12 essential vitamins, trace elements as well, and in addition, a considerable amount of

easily digestible protein the human body.And it is very important for your baby, because it is a protein it needs for full development.And pregnant women should not forget about their own needs.Thus dietary food is egg contains only 90 kilocalories.Thus, you can not be afraid that eating eggs for food, you gain weight.

Choline, which is found in eggs, is able to fully meet the physical and mental capabilities of your future baby.Eggs contain polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, which are very important for the baby to develop properly the brain, nervous system and vision.Sometimes, especially poultry farm eggs enrich the content of this important element for pregnant women.In this case, the packaging of eggs is a special mark on this.

And what about the cholesterol that causes a suspicion of pregnant women?The fact that natural cholesterol contained in food, in particular - in eggs is not that harmful to the human body or a vessel as the one which is formed therefrom by the use of saturated fatty acids of which are composed, for example, animal fats.Meanwhile, such acids contained in eggs is very low, so that cholesterol, which is located here, it is not dangerous for pregnant women.And if you are all right with health, you are not worried about your cholesterol content in the blood, you can without any fear to eat for breakfast 2 chicken eggs.

Can pregnant quail eggs

If, despite what has been said, a terrible word "cholesterol" still makes you worry, you can easily include in your diet quail eggs.they will be even more useful for pregnant women, especially if their blood cholesterol level is slightly elevated.The fact that the quail eggs, unlike chicken do not contain cholesterol, but amino acids, vitamins and trace elements are even more.That's why quail eggs are considered to be not only a diet, but even therapeutic product and highly recommend to include in the menu for many diseases.

Quail eggs pregnant will help to normalize the level of hemoglobin in the blood, which is very useful in anemia.And finally, I must say that quail eggs contain protein ovomoktsid, which is used for the production of drugs against allergies.Pregnant so their use is not only possible, but also very useful to prevent the development of allergies of various kinds.