Diet Margarita Queen slimming

Many show business gained through development slimmer form known nutritionist Queen Marguerite.Now her secret became known to a wide circle.Diet Queen Marguerite, in spite of the revolutionary results, based on a long time ago known truths of good nutrition - a large amount of fluid, separate eating of proteins and carbohydrates, as well as mono-diet.

Basic principles of diet Queen Margaret of

separate food implies a consumption of foods containing protein and foods containing carbohydrates in different meals.In other words, the bread should not eat together with the oil, and meat and potatoes.Mixed food, according to a nutritionist, poorly digested and stored as excess fat.

mono-diet - a special power supply system, when used for the length of time one and the same product.This may be yogurt, apples, meat and even chocolate.Sticking monodiets more than 2 days in a row is harmful to health.Monodiet good as fasting days, but not more than once a week.

Much attention is paid to the method of cookin

g - meat and fish should not be fried, and cook in a double boiler or on the grill.And anyone who wants to stick to a healthy diet, you have to give up sugar, sauces and alcohol.Such products are nutritionists call "dead" - useful elements in them there is little, but they complicate digestion.

Eating should be frequent - the so-called principle of "fractional power."

Diet Queen Margarita -

menu Drink more water - advises diet Queen Margaret's.From two to four liters per day.The day should start with a glass of water or green tea.But it is necessary to drink water in small portions - not a cup at a time.Another option involves alternating diet "meat", "vegetable" and "rice" days.A glass of unwashed rice soaked overnight and in the morning boil for a quarter of an hour in unsalted water.Rice when cooked will increase significantly in volume.This is all our food for the day - rice should be taken in small portions throughout the day.The main thing - that was the last meal no later than 19.00.

And so for three days.In addition to rice, you can drink green tea without sugar and water.The next three days we eat boiled chicken - about a kilogram per day.With chicken previously removed skin and fat.Next, turn to vegetables.The daily norm - 800-900 grams.It is best to use them in the form of salad or salad.any vegetables - cooked or fresh.Excluded are only pickled vegetables.

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