Montignac Diet for Weight Loss

At the end of the previous century, a Frenchman named Michel Montignac has released a number of books, telling about how he could get rid of the extra kilos, using his own developed own power supply system.Subsequently, the system has gained wide popularity and virtually became a classic nutrition and Montignac diet for weight loss and today continues to be the most one of the most effective and safe diets worldwide.

diet principles of the Montignac diet

weight loss system according to Montignac - this is not a short-term process.The author teaches techniques to radically change its principles of nutrition and introduce them forever in my life.Montinjak convinced that the cause of excessive weight lies not in overeating and in choosing the wrong food products, particularly those that are in the process of assimilation contributes to formation of a large amount of insulin, which in turn is involved in the processing of carbohydrates in the fat.

Thus, the author points out that losing weight is not

completely associated with starvation and deprivation of the body of essential nutrients.

main condition for the fight against overweight doctor said strict control of blood sugar levels, because the higher it is, the more insulin hormone produced in our body.In order to control these processes, Montignac proposed to use the concept of the glycemic index and made a special table with this indicator for the individual products.

creator of the power supply system is highly recommended to eat foods with a glycemic index of less than 55. It is recommended to consume plenty of water and reduce the consumption of coffee, alcohol, ketchup and mayonnaise.An important principle of the diet is also a separate power supply, providing for a ban on the consumption of "bad" carbohydrates (starchy foods and flour products) and lipids (eggs, meat, vegetable oil) at the same time.Between the techniques of fat and carbohydrate foods should be at least 3 hours.

Montignac Diet for Weight Loss - Phase

course on weight loss Montignac includes 2 successive stages:

  • weight loss.
  • Keeping it at that level.

the first step, the basic principles on which the diet Montignac, is a must, so you have to say goodbye to such foods as potatoes, bread, cheese, yogurt, rice, pasta, bananas, butter, melon, sugar in any form.

second stage occurs after reaching the optimal weight (not less than 3 months) and allow some concessions, for example, are allowed to occasionally mix fats and carbohydrates, but it is recommended to combine a meal with a salad rich in fiber.

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