Mirimanova Diet "Minus 60 "

Among the great diversity of diets and food systems that promote weight loss, recently more and more popular acquires diet Catherine Mirimanova having the name "Minus 60".

Basic principles of diet Mirimanova "Minus 60"

Author techniques, adhering to the basic principles of self-developed power system in conjunction with a number of necessary measures, including exercise, skin care and weight loss psychology, threw a total of 60 "extra"kg for a year and a half.This diet does not require much effort of will, as has a rather gentle diet, which does not require the complete elimination from the diet of "harmful", but so favorite foods, like sweets, flour products, alcohol.

main condition - the observance of the proper time mode eating, its qualitative composition, as well as correct and clear attitude to achieve the intended purpose.

necessary to warn that a diet of Catherine Mirimanova - it is much more than just a diet.In essence, a way of life, so if you decide to try this method for yourself, be

prepared for long-term observance of the basic postulates of techniques.Only in this case, the long-awaited result not only did not take long, but will stay with you for a long time.

Diet Mirimanova "Minus 60" -

menu Ekaterina Mirimanova firmly believes that violence on his body did not benefit from more to any man, so its method is not based on the exclusion from the diet any food either temporarily or permanently,and on the correct organization of eating.

example, up to 12 hours of the day allowed the eating of absolutely any product, except for milk chocolate, which the author strongly recommends that the method is replaced by black.

Breakfast is a must diet condition, as with the first intake of food in our body activates metabolic processes, which must be run as soon as possible.

for lunch is recommended to cook dishes boiled or stewed.It is desirable not to use the potatoes together with meat or fish, preferring garnish of vegetables or cereals.In the preparation of the first dishes as the rule - or soup on the water, but with potatoes, or broth, but without it.Lunch will take place no later than 14:00 pm, to the same time it is possible to eat sour cream or mayonnaise in small quantities.

Dinner permitted strictly to 18:00 (or 20:00 if you're a night owl, and go to bed after midnight).Dinner should be as easy and provides exactly one of the following options to choose from:

  • fruit, you can add dairy products;
  • vegetables, you can add dairy products, cereals;
  • meat and fish products, can not be combined with anything;
  • cereals, can with vegetables or fruit;
  • dairy products, can with vegetables or fruit.

Do not forget that diet Catherine Mirimanova must necessarily be accompanied by daily exercise, whether it's swimming, running or morning exercise, and skin care products that would be for weight loss, it has not got flabby and unattractive appearance.

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