Cornelia Mango Diet for weight loss

Dark-skinned singer Cornelia Mango is known not only for its participation in the TV show "Star Factory", but also the invention of their own diet called "Diet Cornelia Mango".

Features weight loss diet from Cornelia Mango

recently approached the girl's weight a hundred kilograms.And that's just in front of her fans she dropped 20 kilograms of excess weight.She plans to get rid of even 15. Lose the singer had not only to the career of pop singer, but also for the future of the child - a girl in a short time, is planning to become a mother, and a nutritionist advised her to lose weight.

Cornelia Mango Diet is based on three pillars: good nutrition, fitness and a positive attitude!There should be frequent - about 5-6 times a day, but in small portions.The volume of each portion - no more than a glass.It is necessary to exclude from the diet all the fat and sweet.No shops conservation and refined products.From food high in carbohydrates should be avoided, too.Products should be steamed.

But the rejection of certain foods does not mean giving up the pleasures of life."There is no violence on themselves - says sunny girl Cornelia Mango - without a positive attitude and confidence of success to achieve the result will not work."

Cornelia Mango Diet for weight loss -


Singer willingly shares a recipe for low-calorie food: cauliflower, sprinkle with 3% vinegar and cook for a couple of 20 minutes.Serve with low-fat yogurt sauce with chopped greens.Those who find it difficult to follow a diet constantly, Cornelia recommended to arrange fasting days.Who, for example, refuses to eat the whole day a strawberry?1.5 kilograms of fresh strawberries divide 5-6 servings.There should be a leisurely, on berries, each berry is best to hold a little longer in the mouth, enjoying her taste, then saturation occurs faster.A whole day of fun and all - 500 kcal.

Exercise for weight loss by Cornelia Mango

as strenuous exercise is best to choose aerobics, jogging, skating, swimming and dancing - it's faster to "burn" calories.But weight training increases muscle mass and, consequently, the weight is not reduced.

Cornelia does not deny that in the process of losing weight and taking special drugs that normalize the body's need for food.However, before taking any medicine should weigh all the pros and cons and be sure to consult with your doctor.

And it is in any case can not limit yourself to dream.Prolonged sleep is very useful to those who decided to lose weight!

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