Raspberries in pregnancy

raspberries, it is not just delicious and very useful berry.In traditional pharmacy is widely used in almost all parts of the raspberries.Starting from flowers and ending leaves.However, there are times when even the usefulness of raspberries can be called into question.Of course, we are talking about a happy time when a woman is expecting a baby.Could not hurt somehow raspberries during pregnancy?Although raspberries are successfully used for the treatment of various diseases, but who knows what.

The pregnancy helpful raspberry

If we are talking about raspberries, you can be absolutely quiet.If you do not have an allergy to it, there is no danger during pregnancy either for you or for your future baby raspberry is not.Moreover, raspberries - it is one of the possible sources of right now of vitamins and minerals.Raspberry is rich in folic acid, vitamins A, E, C, V. Here you can find polyunsaturated fatty acids, iron, potassium, magnesium, iodine - in short, the full range of those substances, witho

ut which pregnancy can not be normal development of the baby.

Finally, raspberry serve you another important service.We all know how difficult is to be treated the expectant mother of the fact that pregnancy can not take any drugs, especially in the first trimester.A raspberry - it is possible.

Moreover, raspberries will help you not only to cope with a cold during pregnancy, but also with high blood pressure, disruption of digestive or cardiovascular system, anemia and some other diseases.Although raspberries may be of different kinds, they are useful in pregnancy is absolutely the same, regardless of whether this timber or one of the many varieties of garden raspberry.

Could be dangerous raspberry

The thing is this.As we have said, in folk medicine use and other parts of the raspberries.So, raspberries can really trigger labor.But not only the berries and raspberry leaves.Indeed, a decoction of them are very useful during pregnancy in cases where the birth of a baby for some reason delayed.Or - if you need to prepare the body for childbirth.Then the doctor usually prescribes, about six weeks before the expected date of the happy event to start to drink a decoction of the leaves of raspberry.The very same raspberries in pregnancy is no harm can not bring.Of course, if you do not have an allergy to it.

Raspberry pregnancy

When pregnancy is very useful to drink tea with raspberries, because this berry is known to all for its many healing and preventive properties.Raspberry is known as the savior of many diseases of old yet, but tolko1940-ies specialists finally confirmed that raspberry pregnancy brings only benefits.Initially, raspberries used as a tonic particularly during childbirth, but later the spectrum of applications of this marvelous plant has expanded considerably.

How to use raspberry leaves during pregnancy?

- in the leaves raspberries contains B vitamins and vitamin C, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, calcium and iron, which not only improve the well-being and mood of the expectant mother, but also to increase the immunity of the developing fetus.

- many pregnant women suffer from constipation, so raspberry leaves that contain fiber, can help improve metabolism and to eliminate discomfort in the stomach;

- raspberry leaves contain vitamin C, which is an excellent weapon in the fight against colds: top raspberry twigs with leaves insist as tea and taken several times a day;

- cream from fresh leaves to help cope with problem skin, acne and acne: through a meat grinder or a juicer miss the fresh leaves raspberries.Mix two table.spoon juice of raspberry leaves, three table.tablespoons butter or petroleum jelly.Apply the ointment on the problem areas;

- crimson leaves a positive impact on the blood, because they contain folic acid;

- thanks to calcium content, raspberry helps to cope with the swelling of the feet and hands;

- raspberry leaf tea helps to overcome the problems with nausea (toxicity);

- raspberry leaves are able to prepare the uterus for childbirth and reduce the risk of caesarean section, forceps or other surgical procedure, starting with the eighth week of pregnancy, drink the tea three times per day, infused raspberry leaves (8 grams of dried leaves pour boiling water, let it brewand you can drink);

- raspberry leaves are especially useful when pregnant perehazhivanii because they cause uterine contractions and accelerate the process of childbirth.

raspberry leaves should not be used to treat gout, nephritis and other metabolic diseases.

Actions raspberries in pregnancy:

- prevents bleeding gums;

- normalises development and helps to strengthen the child's bones;

- Blutwurst improves circulation in the body of the mother;

- strengthens the muscles of the uterus;

- reduces the risk of preterm birth;

- reduces the likelihood of the need for cesarean section.

Therefore, pregnant women eat raspberries just need!There is no doubt in the beneficial properties of crimson berries.The only exceptions are women who have individual intolerance raspberries.

Everyone else should be included in a steady diet of raspberries in any form: You can drink tea with raspberries and cook jams or preserves, make delicious jelly, fruit or just eat delicious crimson berries.