Lobelia useful properties

Lobelia - one of the most valuable plants used for medicinal purposes.Much has been written on the possible toxicity of this herb.Practical experience, which is always better than theoretical calculations, proved that lobelia as harmless as milk, and not only poisonous, but is itself the antidote.Chemical analysis shows that it contains alkaloid lobeline, acid, resin, wax and acacia;furthermore, 30 percent of the seeds contain oil.We are faced with a number of cases in which the patient's body by negligence of doctors got the poison, and lobelia quickly eliminated all the negative effects.Health workers often imposed blindly follow ideas rather than ignore the facts, but those who were able to go beyond the school curriculum, can distinguish truth from falsehood.

So lobelia!

Used parts: whole plant.

Medicinal properties: emetic, expectorant, diuretic, nervous, diaphoretic.

Description and application

Lobelia - one of the most widely used plants.Usually it is used as well as helps in the treat

ment of lung diseases, - bronchitis, croup, pertussis, asthma, etc.It has antispasmodic and stimulant effect.

Lobelia - among the most powerful medicinal herb relaxant that does not have harmful effects.It acts differently on different people, but it will not hurt anyone.When inflammation and fever lobelia slows the heart rate and makes it better.It slows down the heartbeat.It helps in the treatment of any kind of fever and pneumonia, meningitis, pleurisy, hepatitis, nephritis and periodontitis.By itself, lobelia is not able to heal, but it has a healing effect in combination with other measures, such as enema of catnip in the morning and evening.Enema should be placed in the case of delirium, it will clear the brain.

pleuritic root - the perfect cure for pleurisy, and it goes well with lobelia due to its calming properties.

fever lobelia cope better than many other plants.It is perfectly nervous patients.Poultices of lobelia help relieve external inflammation, such as rheumatism.You can add lobelia in a poultice made to treat abscesses, boils and carbuncles.Use one-third of lobelia two-thirds of elm bark, or any other herb.

Although lobelia is excellent, it stops a small dose of nausea.In asthma patient put a tampon of lobelia, and the next morning, give him an emetic.Tampon loosen toxins and bring them out.In severe cases, when it came to liver damage, and skin had a yellowish tint, add equal parts to the lobelia pleuritic root, catnip.

Hot infusion

Boil a teaspoon of lobelia on a cup of boiling water and let stand.Let the patient two tablespoons of hot infusion every two hours.When hydrophobia (rabies) insisted that it was a tablespoon per cup of boiling water lobelia, need to drink as much as possible to induce vomiting - is to cleanse the stomach.Then put an enema.This procedure should be performed immediately after the onset of the disease.

lobelia tincture

Lobelia copes with whooping cough.There is no tool that would clean the pulmonary way as quickly as lobelia.Tincture, prepared according to the following recipe, remove and clean the pulmonary dyspnea way, if you take one tablespoon at a time.

- Grass lobelia 2 ounces;

- Crushed seeds of lobelia 2 ounces;

- Apple cider vinegar 1 pint.

Insist in a well-sealed bottle for two weeks, then strain.This setting is also useful for outdoor applications, - asthma rub it in the area between the shoulders and chest.Poultice of lobelia is very effective in the treatment of sprains, felon, bruises, it expels intestinal worms, cure epilepsy, it relieves pain from insect bites and poison ivy.

We prescribed tincture of lobelia acid in the treatment of whooping cough and achieved unquestionable success.Other means, which would be so rapidly cleared from the pulmonary airways and mucus sputum, simply does not exist.

Medicinal properties

lobelia Lobelia is more effective than ipecac, but at the same time, it operates smoothly and safely;We consider lobelia one of the best medicines in the entire «matera medca», and assure you that lobelia - in contrast to the tales of Mother Goose (textbooks old medical school) - is a valuable, safe and surprisingly soft on the effects of the representative flora,so that the time will come when it will begin to appreciate more.Naturally, on a piece of paper it is impossible to reflect all the virtues of this plant.We not only give lobelia patients, but accept it for yourself when the need arises.We assure you that lobelia is perfectly safe - we gave her baby a few months old.

As lobelia affects the body?

Lobelia affects the entire body, and you can feel the action;It not only cleanses the stomach, but also has a curative effect on every organ, - nevertheless, lobelia quickly dissipated, so you should take it with cayenne pepper or other stimulants.The effect of receiving lobelia can be compared to the fire of dry firewood: firewood without adding it will burn out very quickly, and pepper, therefore, plays the role of the keeper of the flame.We can swear that correctly receive lobelia is harmless;no harmful effect on the use of us did not have to watch, and perhaps further proof of our words will serve as a fact that we have over seventy years of our practice up to a hundred pounds of lobelia in a year, and this amount, according to estimates of some doctors, with interestIt would be sufficient to poison half of England.For asthmatics and tubercular, who suffer from an excess of thick, viscous and fibrous mucus in the lungs and respiratory tract, no other drug that would be even half as effective lobelia.It is an excellent remedy for fevers and biliary diseases, as well as long-term cures chronic ailments.We achieved good results in the treatment of deafness.Poultices of lobelia prevent the formation and flow of pus.Some writers say that lobelia can cure hydrophobia, if properly align its external and internal use.Medical quality of this precious plant is so diverse that it is on its medicinal properties you can write a treatise.In conclusion we can say that lobelia treats the entire body, it does not bring any harm, and raises the overall mood.Its impact on the healthy body will be soft and safe.Lobelia eliminates the cause of the disease in the same way as food eliminates hunger, and she cleans the entire system regardless of the nature of the disease.

In the realm of herbs are many unsolved mysteries.

I thank God for the fact that today there are medical colleges in the country, of which no one dreamed of in my younger days.


There are herbs that you can work wonders.I will name only a few of them: calotte, goldenseal Canadian, myrrh, yarrow, milkweed, fennel, cubeb berries, clove, aloe, mandrake root of sweet flag, dandelion root, blueberry leaves, tansy, red cabbage, burdock root, lobelia, sorrel, coltsfoot, hyssop, cayenne pepper, sage, catnip, peppermint, collection of fleshy berries and hazel virgin.

Lobelia has wonderful properties, it's a great, friendly relaxant, destroying illness and opens the way to eliminate it from the body.It is faster and more efficient radium and does not bring harmful effects, in contrast to the latter.Radium need to fear as a rattlesnake.

Herbs can give all the effects to achieve that allopathic used radium, mercury, strychnine and other poisons;moreover, herbs harmless.

Caution! Lobelia has several toxic properties, and it should not be taken without medical supervision.For external use lobelia is perfectly safe.