Violet scented useful properties

Used parts: whole plant.

Medicinal properties: adhesive, cathartic, emetic, antiseptic.

Description and application

Violet tea and poultices

tea violet leaves is used to cleanse the blood.They have a beneficial effect on the body and relieve the pain in internal inflammations.Violet leaves were used to treat cancer.With the same purpose, you can use a poultice and drink tea violet.In the treatment of cancer and other skin diseases violet particularly effective in combination with red clover and verbena.

Folk remedies

Violet is an excellent means to treat gout, reduces coughing, cure colds and sore throats.Heals ulcers and wounds.Violet helps with zolotuhe, syphilis, and bronchitis, as well as eliminates the breathing problems caused by the formation of gases and slimy mass in the gastro-intestinal tract.In combination with the nerve root, violet is a wonderful remedy for nervousness and exhaustion, relieves headaches and eliminates the stagnation of blood in the head.It is very effecti

ve in the treatment of whooping cough.

Viola odorata


delicate scent of fragrant violets won the love of many gardeners.The plant is rarely greater than 15 cm, and the flowers themselves, like pansies, are extremely small (about 12 mm).The main flowering period - mid-spring.

The most common violet-blue flowers, although there are shades of blue, white.Parma violets are probably hybrids created on the basis of V. odorata.One time, they were very popular, as gardeners attracted quite large, sometimes double and very fragrant flowers.Now violets are grown primarily for their flavor and delightful elegance.They are used in cooking, sometimes in medicine.

cultivation rules

In nature they are found in damp and shady thickets and grassy banks of ponds or near forests.Although they are beautiful on a sunny plot, feel better in partial shade and in moist, fertile soil.Heap planted them as a soil cover, while they are more expressive.They will approach the front of the grass border, a place next to a hedge or wall under the condition that the land is not too dry.

Fragrant violets are easily propagated by dividing the bushes, or self-seeding.