dizziness Treatment folk remedies

most common causes of vertigo - damage to the vestibular apparatus of the inner ear due to infection or injury.Vertigo can be treated and folk remedies and medicines.

Treatment of vertigo folk remedies - ginger

best folk remedy for the treatment of vertigo - ginger.Specialist in medicinal herbs James A. Duke, who previously worked as a toxicologist, in his book "The Green Pharmacy" tells about a study involving cadets Naval Academy, who before going into the sea took half a teaspoon of ground ginger and thus far suffered lessfrom sea-sickness, including dizziness.

According to Dr. Duke, some folk remedies, herbs can also help in the treatment of sporadic attacks of vertigo.It offers a mixture of folk remedies - herbs: 4 teaspoons of ginger, a pinch of mint, fennel, chopped pumpkin seeds, celery seeds, chamomile flowers and orange peel.The dry mixture is poured boiling water and infuse for 15 minutes.If you have prolonged or frequently recurring bouts of dizziness, seek medical attention.

miracle balm for the treatment of vertigo folk remedies


to clean the vessels of the brain, as well as improve blood circulation and reduce the noise in my head, and dizziness usually apply a special herbal balm.To prepare the balm you need to start to prepare three infusions.The first infusion - a tincture of red clover.For its preparation must take forty grams of flowers of clover and pour them five hundred milliliters sorokaprotsentnogo alcohol.Infuse it needs two weeks in any dark place.


Then you need to prepare a second infusion - infusion Caucasian Dioscorea.For its preparation is necessary to take fifty grams Dioscorea roots, cover them with five hundred milliliters sorokaprotsentnogo alcohol, and also to insist in a dark place for two weeks.


third tincture - propolis tincture.For its preparation must take propolis soft pieces and pour into a container of dark glass semidesyatiprotsentnym alcohol.Infuse the infusion should be for ten days in a dark place, and then strain.After all the preparations, tinctures mix and apply the balm of vertigo one tablespoon three times a day after meals.Diluting balm should be in the water.

exercises to treat vertigo

In most cases, such dizziness passes, but recurs.Fortunately, through training can achieve that balance other parts of the system to compensate for this deficiency.Dr. Kimmelman advises after an acute attack of vertigo twice a day to engage in special exercises.First, to do them for 15 minutes, then gradually increase the time to get two classes of 30 minutes per day.The exercises do a better standing, but you can and sitting, if it's more convenient.First, make them slowly and then accelerates to the optimal tempo for you.

Exercise 1 for the treatment of vertigo.Without moving your head, look up, then down, slowly at first, then quickly.Repeat 20 times.Now look to the left 20 times, then to the right, slowly at first, then quickly.Repeat 20 times.Concentrate look at the finger arm, thus work out swings one leg back and forth.Repeat 20 times.

Exercise 2 for the treatment of vertigo.Without closing the eyes, tilt your head forward, then back slightly.Please make slopes slowly, then quickly.Repeat 20 times.Turn your head from side to side, slowly at first, then faster.Repeat 20 times (as improving proceed to this exercise with your eyes closed).

Exercise 3 for the treatment of vertigo.In the sitting position shrug his shoulders.Repeat this movement 20 times.Now expand the shoulders to the left then to the right.Repeat 20 times.Lean forward as if reaching for something on the floor, then straightened.Repeat 20 times.

Exercise 4 for the treatment of vertigo.Sit down, stand up and then again sit down.Repeat 20 times.

Exercise 5 for the treatment of vertigo.Standing to throw a small rubber ball from one hand to the other above eye level.Perform each exercise for 30 seconds to 1 minute.Then lift the leg and throws the ball from one hand to the other behind the knee.Perform exercise until tired (approximately 1 minute).

Exercise 6 for the treatment of vertigo.Walk up and down the hall (not cluttered things) with your eyes open.Walk so 10 times.Do the same with your eyes closed 10 times.If after this you will not feel the slightest dizziness, try to climb the small hill and go down with it (for example, in the yard), first with eyes open, then closed also on 10 times.

Prevention of dizziness and folk remedies at home

  • Do not forget to eat for the prevention of dizziness.For large periods of time eating there is a strong feeling of hunger that can cause vasovagal reflex.Try to eat regularly, at least three times a day.
  • Do not limit your drinking.Dehydration, especially in hot weather can lead to vasovagal reflex action.Every day, drink eight glasses of water.
  • Do not stand in the sun for the prevention of dizziness.If a hot day for a long time to stand in the sun, can dizzy.When you have to be in the heat outdoors, find out where you can sit down.Be sure to wear a hat and light clothing.
  • Watch for changes in temperature.Vasovagal reflex is activated when switching from a hot street in a cool room.Once after the heat in the cool, sit a little bit, make sure that does not feel the dizziness and nausea.
  • Avoid odors.A strong unpleasant odor, such as vomiting, can cause vasovagal reflex.Try to avoid such odors.
  • Act decisively.If getting up from their seats, you feel lightheadedness or dizziness, immediately sit down, so as not to fall into a swoon and did not hit.

Treatment folk remedies dizzy from the motion - Tips

Vertigo as a manifestation of motion sickness is very common.Motion sickness in addition to dizziness include nausea, paleness, lightheadedness, drooling, and others. All these symptoms occur due to the incessant change of acceleration, sharp turns, braking the vehicle while driving.Added to this is a mismatch between the type of moving objects outside the window and a sense of their own immobility.If you are prone to motion sickness, try the following:

  • Do not read on the move.If you are swayed to nausea and dizziness, avoid reading in public transport.According to Dr. Fife, a tendency to motion sickness could not be worse, how to read.In the car, sit next to the driver.In the front seat is wider review, whereby the visual look and feel the same anymore.This reduces the likelihood of motion sickness and vertigo.
  • Prefer deck.Traveling by water transport, you will feel better on the deck, where there is a review to the horizon than in the confined space of the cabin.