Herpes Treatment folk remedies

Cold on the face or as it is called herpes virus appears in the body with the weakening of immunity.Correctly chosen treatment of traditional methods to help cope with the disease in a few days.But if the herpes virus often appears on the face, then it is necessary to consult a doctor.About the treatment of herpes on the face and body in the home folk remedies will be discussed in this article.We must remember that the herpes virus is in the body of each person, but it manifests itself only when the immune system suffers.And at this moment on the lips, "pops" cold: uncomfortable and itchy blisters that make ugly face and cause discomfort.Here also need the means by which you can cure the common cold.

Treatment of herpes folk remedies - teas, infusions

arnica infusion: 15 grams of dried flower baskets arnica pour half a liter of boiling water.Infuse for two hours.Apply for poultices for herpes disease.

infusion of birch kidney: 10-15 grams of kidney birch pour a glass of milk, cook for five minutes

, wrapped in gauze.Use as an external anti-inflammatory agent.

Infusion Viburnum fruits: fruits Viburnum grind in a mortar.20 grams of mashed fruit pour a glass of water.Infuse four hours.Drink half a cup four times a day.

infusion of sage leaves: five grams of sage leaves pour one cup of boiling water.Infuse for 20 minutes, cool, strain.Take an anti-inflammatory agent in mouthwash.As you can see herpes home treatment available and not difficult.

Herpes Treatment folk remedies to

lips Today we will try to give you a few recipes for the treatment of herpes, particularly folk remedies.Although these recipes are safe and tested over the years of practice, should, before you start to use them to consult with their physician specialist, you already ask questions about the treatment of herpes in the mouth of folk remedies.

Keep in mind that no matter how effective would not be these folk remedies, none of them will not be able to protect you from this dangerous viral disease that must be treated by a specialist, and combine together with antiviral therapy, measures to strengthen the patient's immune system.

In short, measures the people's struggle with herpes in the mouth are supportive measures, and in any case, you should not rely on them as the basic measures in the treatment of herpes infections.


Garlic - a folk remedy

This is a long-tested and scientifically proven effective method.Once the herpes lesions in the mouth will bother you, rub them with fresh cut garlic cloves.The method though not very correct in terms of the characteristic pungent smell and a burning sensation, but, nevertheless, will have to wait if you want to get rid of herpes sores in their mouth.


water in the treatment of herpes

One of the most effective, but indirect methods to get rid of herpes sores is a method of use of purified filtered, better yet altered in structure (frozen and then thawed) water.The method, although it has no direct effect on the herpes virus, but is an indirect health-improving way that will clearly influence the improvement of your immune system.


Folk remedy - Aloe for the treatment of herpes

From local occurrences of herpes infection in the oral cavity makes excellent fresh juice of aloe.Try to lubricate their sores in the mouth and take the inside in an amount of 1 teaspoon 2-3 times a day.


Seabuckthorn for the national treatment of herpes

addition to excellent proven itself analgesic and healing action of aloe, can boast of the same actions and buckthorn.Its oil can be used on herpes wounds from the first day of their appearance.This natural product is excellent to help them heal and relieve itching.


Folk remedy - fir

same analgesic and disinfectant, which is the degree of influence is not inferior sea buckthorn and aloe, is the fir oil.Lubricate the affected areas of the mucous membrane in the mouth with this oil, putting it on a cotton swab.This procedure should be performed every two hours and at night.


Herbs for treating herpes

also a good effect in the fight against herpes locally located in the mouth and shows the next gathering: in equal parts should be taken: grass succession, chamomile, alder cones, roots Aralia,levzei, licorice, kopeck.Mix all dry raw materials to brew and two tablespoons of this collection of half a liter of boiling water, followed by boiling in a water bath, in techenie15 minutes.

Apply this decoction should be like inside, one third of the cup 3 times a day and lubricate the affected area this broth mucosa, gums, palate and tongue.

again want to warn you that all the above recipes are only aids, which do not give full guarantee of getting rid of herpes rash in the mouth.And how to treat cold sores in your mouth you should tell only a qualified doctor.

Herpes on the eyes - symptoms

Herpes infection is legkokontagioznoy (easily transmitted) infection, in other words it is easily transmitted and can be located almost anywhere in the body infected with the human body, including the eyes.At the first sign of herpes lesions eye should see a specialist.Let it become a specialist ophthalmologist or infectious diseases, but they can know exactly how to treat cold sores on the eyes.

When lesions of herpes virus eye to distinguish between several types of herpes lesions.The clinical picture of lesions will depend on which part of the eye struck herpes (iris cornea, eyelids, or the West eyes entirely).


Keratitis gerpesnyy- most probable degree of clinical herpes lesions eyes.In this case, the affected corneal layer passes, usually without scarring of the eye tissue.


stromalnyy- keratitis keratitis, characterized by a deep penetration deep into the eyes of viruses.Most often it leads to corneal lesions with scarring, blurred vision up to blindness.


Retinitis herpes - herpes lesion retina


Iridocyclitis herpes - is defeated iris herpes infection.Expressed as photophobia, pain in the eye, visual distortions, redness of the eye of the protein.

Additional symptoms of herpes lesions eyes




swelling around the eyes,


Recurrence viral infection,


eye irritation,


Redness of the eyes,


foreign body sensation in the eye,


eye redness,


sores on the cornea,


watery discharge,



Note that these symptoms are not typical symptoms of herpes infection of the eye and it is important that the doctor was able to accurately diagnose herpes infection.

Treatment of herpes eye damage folk remedies

exact answer on how to treat cold sores on the eyes, can be given only once to identify the degree of localization of herpes in the eye membranes.In those cases where the herpes infection affects only the surface layers of the eyeball, the topically applied antiviral eye drops or ointments.Also, the inside prescribe drugs acyclovir (Zovirax).

In some cases, your doctor may decide to remove the top layer of the cornea affected.After this procedure is shown wearing a special lens under which the corneal layer will heal faster.Also in therapy of herpes infection localization in front apply steroid eyedrops.In cases of severe injury to infection, their use should be short-lived.

To eliminate layers of secondary bacterial infection should be connected course of antibiotics.In the event that conservative therapy does not succeed surgical invasion apply.

important to remember! If any localization of the viral outbreak in the eye is important to pay attention to the body's immune defense.Showing, receiving immunomodulatory drugs, fortification of the diet.

Treatment of herpes in the language of folk remedies

No wonder the question of how to treat this disease.The fact that the herpes easily transmitted and easily localizes almost any organ and at any body surface infection.It affects both children and adults, and can manifest itself in a variety of locales, including the language.

not tighten the treatment of this disease, and try it at the first symptoms, seek professional medical help.Only a specialist will know exactly how to help you, and tell you how to treat cold sores on the tongue.

important to remember! Keep in mind that you should not ever ignore the phenomenon of herpes sores on the tongue.This condition usually is an indication of profound destruction of your immune system.It also may indicate lesions forming organs.

At the first suspicions of this you will be required to conduct a full examination of his body with the refinement of diagnosis and treatment aimed at relief of the underlying pathology.

Treatment of herpes rash on

language in treatment of herpes lesions in the language do not look for what they can to stop simple oxolinic or she likes the ointment.This practice has the effect of only a small percentage of cases.Look for more effective answers to the question of how to treat cold sores on the tongue.Let your quest you will help the specialist.

It is worth remembering that in addition to specific antiviral therapy (acyclovir Zovirax) immunomodulatory therapy should be instituted.From preventive measures can help the prevention of hypothermia risks, contact with infected persons herpes, general fortification of food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.Additional means to facilitate, but no it does not completely relieves your condition can become a means of traditional medicine.

Such relief can bring solutions and disinfectants and decoctions of herbs (sage, oak bark, chamomile, coltsfoot mother).Drying effect can have a wiping language 70% alcohol solution.Not bad proved itself sea buckthorn oil.Make sure that the rash did not focus locally at the first sign merger herpes sores, consult a doctor.

Treatment of genital herpes folk remedies

Unfortunately, this viral infection is genital herpes, is not it can be treated successfully with folk remedies, as the disease caused by a bacterial infection.

most commonly used drug in the fight against herpes simplex virus (both second and first type) is considered the drug acyclovir (zovirakas).It was on him their hopes, those persons who are looking for answers to questions about how to treat genital herpes own way, without reference to the doctor.I want to warn such persons that knowing the name of the drug is still not a panacea for the disease.It is important to know and be able to apply it correctly.But such knowledge is given only to specialists.

This drug is now available in many dosage forms.And its main feature is that it is not able to completely heal the sick from the virus.He just puts out its sharp appearance and prevents the risk of recurrence.

It should know that the main cause of herpes lesions of the body are the so-called gaps in the immune shield.In other words, herpes usually affects patients with reduced immune defenses.This statement is to a certain extent become the answer to the question of how to treat genital herpes.And because, in addition to specific antiviral therapy with acyclovir should be administered immunomodulatory drugs.Such drugs must be prescribed by your doctor immunulogom.

prevention of genital herpes

main measures intimate herpes prevention measures should be the prevention of any sexually transmitted disease, which will exclude the possibility of contracting the infection:


Have regular sexual partner, to whom you feel confidence;


Condom use at the time of casual sex, or complete rejection of thereof (it is worth noting that the condom is, is always an effective measure as the herpes virus is easily transmitted through the hands and lips);

Why should I treat genital herpes from the experts?

Only a specialist knows how to eliminate the possibility of a transition from a herpes infection in the acute phase of the recurrent form of the disease.

call a doctor will allow you to avoid the most severe course of illness.Timely initiated a comprehensive treatment of herpes, which, together with a specific antiviral therapy will include a patient to enhance immunity measures will help get rid of the debilitating symptoms of herpes and faster return to normal life.

is important to understand that the treatment should be complex.After all, local cold sores on the tongue are not a sign of a single lesion of any organ.Herpes is a very dangerous infection that affects all organs and systems of the body, circulating in our bloodstream, and therefore it is important to treat the whole body as a complex, and not only one of its body, which could manifest herpes.