uterine hypoplasia - treatment of folk remedies

uterine hypoplasia is known as infantile or baby queen.hypoplasia of the uterus - is one of the various types of hypoplasia, causes, which lie not only in utero, but in the early development of girls.Depending on how strongly expressed hypoplasia of the uterus, it can be a germ, which was formed during fetal development, virgin or child - these types of hypoplasia formed later.

uterine hypoplasia - treatment of folk remedies

Fortunately, modern medicine knows how to treat uterine hypoplasia.Of course, the ultimate success is dependent on the degree of hypoplasia.After a full medical examination of patients, usually appointed by hormonal drugs, because it lacks their female body with uterine hypoplasia.By taking hormones the uterus is not only to take a normal size, but will operate successfully.Receiving this kind of drug is prescribed for a long period of time for the treatment of uterine hypoplasia.

Just when hypoplasia can be assigned to physiotherapy for treatment of folk remedies.This exposur

e may be certain frequency currents, laser procedures, heating.These manipulations improves blood flow to the uterus, which allows it to take a natural physiological appearance.

traditional therapies offer a method of treatment of hypoplastic uterus using clay.In this case, natural clay, diluted with water, put on the lower abdomen and is covered by a plastic bag.Keep a compress should be no more than an hour, and then remove and throw the clay.The following procedure uses a new clay solution.

reasons hypoplastic uterus

actually causes that can lead to the formation of uterine hypoplasia weight - it can be severe deficiency diseases or regular malnutrition, as such a breach could be the result of poisoning, and severe diseases.All these factors are the most dangerous in the age of girls from 11 to 15 years.It takes place the formation of the uterus during this period.In some cases, hypoplasia - the result of insufficient work of the endocrine glands.The ovaries can not produce sufficient amounts of hormones and the uterus may not develop to the desired state.Hypoplasia can be combined with hypoplasia of other organs and systems, such as small and large labia.

indicating the presence of hypoplastic uterus

If the uterus in length from 5 to 5.5 centimeters, it hypoplasia virginal womb.

If the uterus in length from 3 to 5.5 centimeters, this baby hypoplasia.

If the uterus along the length of at least 3.5 centimeters, it is the germ uterus.

All manifestations of hypoplasia depends on its extent.Doctors distinguish the uterus, which is subject to hypoplastic and infantile uterus.In the first case, the body completely natural look and the problem exclusively with the size, in the second case, the uterus may have various malformations, branches curving.