Hyperkeratosis - treatment of folk remedies

Hyperkeratosis is one of the most common skin diseases among others.It is expressed in the strong actinic skin.Causes of hyperkeratosis can be very different - it could be lack of vitamins A and B2, overdevelopment of the horny layer of the human external exposure - long pressure, friction, the influence of lubricating oils, internal reasons - a violation of the functions of the endocrine glands, professional intoxication.Furthermore hyperkeratosis can be a symptom of several disorders.

Hyperkeratosis - treatment of folk remedies

  • Vitamins A and E,
  • Use exfoliants and scrubs,
  • Sunburn under the quartz lamp,
  • to steam baths, using folk remedies - lavender or chamomile,
  • Usegidrokislotami creams that remove dead skin cells,
  • Healthy sleep and proper nutrition.
  • can be used for the treatment of hyperkeratosis folk remedies Propolis ointment, olive oil, apply it with a thick layer on the affected area, cover with wax paper and wrap.The bandage is changed every 1-2 days, treatment is from 1 to 2 mo
  • Folk remedy - aloe juice, which has a dermatologically tonic.

Medication hyperkeratosis

If you have been diagnosed with hyperkeratosis feet, the treatment should be carried out in the podiatry office, which will handle the foot with special tools, carefully cutting off the stratum corneum, in order not to affect the soft tissues.There will also be carried out by special stop processing solutions and skin resurfacing.

Symptoms hyperkeratosis:

  • Red pimples in the buttocks, legs and arms,
  • Painful horny skin,
  • Education thorns,
  • Dry skin,
  • Reducing sweating,
  • Education painful cracks,
  • warts, corns.

If you find these signs, you should visit a dermatologist's office, the specialist will tell the correct treatment of hyperkeratosis.

Prevention of hyperkeratosis

This disease is peculiar to the people who wear uncomfortable shoes have ichthyosis disease, psoriasis and diabetes.Many factors influence the emergence of this disease can be prevented by means of preventive procedures, namely:

  • Regular processing interdigital spaces and soles of the skin with a pumice stone,
  • Careful selection of shoes,
  • regular hydration of the skin.

Following these preventive measures can avoid you in the future treatment of hyperkeratosis folk remedies or medication.

If actinic observed at the mouth of the hair follicle, then it is an indicator of follicular keratosis.His treatment is performed on an outpatient basis with the purpose of UV radiation and the appointment of vitamin preparations.In this form of the disease requires monitoring dermatologist as keratosis pilaris species are moniletriks and hair lichen.