Scleroderma Treatment folk remedies

Folk remedies to help get rid of scleroderma and restore your previous state.To start the treatment, you can simply relax in the bath, and then the sick parts of the body to make a compress with ichthyol ointment or aloe vera juice.This compress is necessary to fix a bandage, but not plaster.

scleroderma Treatment folk remedies - ointments


Also you can prepare an ointment that helps to get rid of the disease.To do this, you need an internal pig fat to be melted in a water bath.Then add to the fat dry sagebrush.Then the entire structure must be put in the oven and during the six hours it should be there.After it is necessary to drain, let cool and refrigerate.In addition, you can take the herb wormwood, and hold it in fat, which must be cold for two - three weeks.This ointment should be used every other day.To replace the need to prepare another ointment.


Take cocklebur grass and celandine, and then cook as well as the first of the ointment.Ointments lubricate sore spots several times a d

ay for three months.

scleroderma Treatment folk remedies - teas and tinctures


To prepare the following recipe, you will need knotweed, field horsetail, lungwort.These ingredients mix and add a glass of water, and then soak in a water bath for fifteen minutes.The composition must be given time to the present it for thirty minutes.Take the third piece of glass for thirty minutes before a meal, several times a day.If you forget to drink a part of the food, do not worry, an hour after eating, you can also take it.


scleroderma often gives complication on the heart.In order to prevent and get rid of complications is to take a decoction of cyanosis and Adonis.To cook it you need the grass cyanosis and Adonis.Mix these ingredients and add boiling water.The composition should be in a thermos for eight hours.Take it should be one-fourth cup a few times, a few hours after a meal.With constant taking the drug you get rid of complications and protect your heart from scleroderma.

packs based on folk remedies to treat scleroderma

Folk remedies are simple to use and efficient help in this disease.For the preparation of the next recipe you will need a bulb, small size, bake it in the oven and then cut.Then, a tablespoon of chopped onion pour one teaspoon of honey and yogurt.Several times a week, use this structure as a compress, before going to bed.