Sinusitis - Treatment and Symptoms |How to Treat Sinusitis

Sinusitis - common disease of many people.Symptoms of sinusitis can be very different, and depending on their treatment of sinusitis folk remedies vary.Most importantly, all the recipes are executed correctly, otherwise it may cause an allergic reaction, and then the harder it will be to get rid of the symptoms of sinusitis.

Sinusitis - symptoms

symptoms of sinusitis vary depending on the localization of the disease.Symptoms of acute sinusitis - inflammation of the muc

osa of the maxillary sinus - occur as a complication of a bad cold on the third or fourth day.The main symptom - a sudden onset of severe, throbbing pain in the cheekbones, under the eyes.Without treatment, it then settles down, then amplified again."Wake up," it is possible, by pushing on the cheeks in the treatment of sinusitis.

Symptoms of sinusitis sinusitis may go without treatment, although often becomes chronic, in which case the pain disappears, but from the nose all the time flows.Symptoms of sinusitis, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the frontal sinus - more muchitelnv.It is accompanied by symptoms: pain unbearable jerks, which extends to the eye (near the inner corners).Fronts can also go into a chronic, especially when not properly treated.

etmoidita symptoms - inflammation of the ethmoid sinus is common among toddlers and infants.Symptoms appear around the eyes and on the upper eyelid, which swells.Sometimes the eye "extends" forward, almost out of their sockets.

Causes symptoms of acute and chronic sinusitis

All sinusitis - a consequence of the symptoms of inflammation of the nasal mucosa as a result of infection, that is, the common cold or rhinitis.But his acute symptoms they are required to ensure that the channels by which the sinuses are connected to the nasal cavity is very narrow.They instantly become clogged and accumulated in the sinus pressure causes pain pus.In the chronic form of the flash may cause creeping infection or allergy.Sometimes it affects the co-infection, such as toothpaste.

Sinusitis - Treatment of traditional

As can be seen from the above, the main thing - to restore sinus patency of the channels in the treatment of sinusitis.This can be done, in particular, via, vasoconstrictor nose drops, and channels that extend clean congestion.But we should not get used to it, since frequent use they irritate the mucous membrane in the treatment of sinusitis.Sometimes you have to resort to the means that assigns only an otolaryngologist.

often for the treatment of sinusitis prescribe antibiotics that may be needed.If there is no natural drainage of pus, for the treatment of sinusitis is usually used piercing.

How to treat sinusitis folk remedies

Sinusitis treatment of folk remedies - products


For the treatment of sinusitis symptoms, you will need potatoes to be boiled with the skin.Once the potatoes are cooked, drain the water.Then bundle up and breathe on potatoes steam.You can also stretch your potatoes to longer could breathe.


Perfect and other prescription for the treatment of sinusitis symptoms.To make it, you'll need four crushed garlic cloves, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, half a cup of boiling water.Mix all ingredients, and then breathe in pairs, with the top you should be blanket.Once the mixture is cool, add new boiling water and continue to breathe.This procedure is necessary to carry out the treatment of sinusitis, each day for about ten - fifteen minutes once a day.

Treating the symptoms of sinusitis folk remedies - onion


If you have an onion and honey, then you can easily make a tool for the treatment of sinusitis and its symptoms.Rub the onion and pour honey water (half a cup of water add half a spoon of honey).During the four - six hours, it was necessary to insist.Then strain and preparation of the composition several times a day to wash the nose.


There is another recipe for sinusitis symptoms with the use of a bow.Take onion juice, aloe root cyclamen, honey, Vishnevsky ointment.All the ingredients in equal quantities, mix until a homogeneous mass.This ointment should be stored in a well-sealed container in a cool place, and before you use it to warm up the body temperature.To apply you will have to make small balls, which will be wetted in ointments and go for thirty minutes in both nostrils.The treatment of the symptoms of sinusitis lasts twenty days, but by its end you will clear the nasal passages.


You can also use a simple recipe for symptoms of sinusitis, which has a bulb.For example, take the cleaned onion and cut it into several pieces.Then place it on the surface of the bandage roll up and attach to the nose so that the bow is under both nostrils.This is necessary to tie a bandage on his head for the treatment and so can you go to bed.

Folk remedy - thistle to treat the symptoms of sinusitis

If you have juice thistle, you can several times a day, five drops of fresh juice instilled into the nose for the treatment.And after a few days you will forget about the illness.Also, this tool will help to get rid of sinusitis.

Sinusitis - Treatment with acupuncture

very effective in the symptoms of sinusitis acupuncture as talking directly to the cause of the disease - blockages sinus channel, helping drain the sinuses.Use of acupuncture in the treatment of sinusitis is never too late, and what happiness to see that the patient felt relief directly during the session!

points for acupuncture for symptoms of sinusitis

The two main points are the same as for a cold, support vary depending on the type of sinusitis.


  • first - on the forehead, on the center line.It is necessary to lay the foundation of the index finger on the nose, and the tip rested in a small cavity in the bone.

  • second - in the corners of the nose.


When sinusitis - under the eye, in the middle of the eye socket edge.At the front - on the inner end of the eyebrow, in a small recess.

How to influence the point in the treatment of sinusitis

When symptoms of acute sinusitis - vigorously massaged and long terms, until it is relieved and does not flow out of the nose.When symptoms of chronic sinusitis - enough stimulation for two to three minutes in the morning and evening.

Chronic Sinusitis - Symptoms and Treatment

Symptoms of chronic sinusitis

sinusitis symptoms: unilateral nasal congestion, mucous or purulent discharge, reduction or loss of smell;feeling of fullness in the cheeks or forehead;Pain when pressing the maxillary or frontal sinus;sometimes disturbed headaches and toothaches;may appear swelling in the affected sinuses;the temperature rises.

I have already explained how our medicine turns into a chronic acute process.The theory of the transformation of acute sinusitis in chronic allows quite successfully engaged in treatment of sinusitis, aware that chronic process requires persistent and long-term exposure.Accordingly built tactics of treatment of sinusitis symptoms.

Treatment of chronic sinusitis

  1. Breathing gymnastics №1, №2 - the best treatment option for sinusitis
  2. Drinking plenty of fluids, preferably hot, adding currant leaves, raspberry or berries of the plant, as well as strawberry jam from helping in the treatment ofsinusitis symptoms.
  3. guy procedure "Rules proper bath."Sweating - the fastest way to release the body of toxins in the treatment of sinusitis.
  4. Rinsing the nose with hot water in the evening and salt water in the morning (0.5 h. Spoons of salt on a part-cup of water).At the same time, together with water from the nose come out mucus and pus.
  5. Admission fees detoxification herbs to treat sinusitis symptoms.
  6. Massage nose - from nose to the eyebrows from the nose to the tip of the nose and on the lateral surfaces of the nose to the sides with the symptoms of sinusitis.
  7. Ten-inhalations with soda, followed by 15-minute - with garlic (to breathe at the same time should be shallow).

Do not take antibiotics for the treatment of chronic sinusitis because the use of antibiotics often results in side effects, reduces immunity, which again leads to an exacerbation of the disease.As an alternative to treat the symptoms of sinusitis, doctors successfully used Sinuforte, a drug based on the extract of the plant Cyclamen, which conversely increases the local immunity, stimulates the natural purification mechanisms of the nasal cavity and sinuses by mucus and purulent discharge.For patients with chronic sinusitis or chronic sinusitis symptoms is important that Sinuforte not addictive.Sinuforte for the treatment of sinusitis is applied once a day, for 6-8 days, either alone or in a complex treatment regimen.

Prevention of symptoms of chronic sinusitis in the home:

  • timely and wash your hands frequently to prevent the appearance of symptoms of chronic sinusitis.Viruses and bacteria are often detained in her arms.Spend a day, not my hands, and all you need to do to get an infection - to touch the mouth or nose.Wash your hands with soap and water to prevent the transmission of infection, says Richard Mebri, an otolaryngologist from Medical Center of the University of Texas at Dallas.And make a point to wash your hands before you eat, then you will not run into the treatment of sinusitis.
  • Carefully use the phone.If you are using a public phone, causing the symptoms of sinusitis bacteria will attack you while you wait for the beep, warns Dr. Mebri.Carry a packet of sanitary napkins soaked in alcohol.They can be gently wiped with a microphone at the bottom of the tube, or any items (pens, calculators or computer keyboards, etc.), which you used to someone else.
  • not grab other people's pieces.Do not share your cutlery or plates with other people, especially if they have a cold, says Dr. Pribitkin.Short pleasure of taste is not necessary to visit a doctor for the treatment of sinusitis.
  • Drink more fluid for the treatment of chronic sinusitis.If you really cold, drink at least eight glasses of fluid that does not contain caffeine or alcohol.The best choice - water."A sufficient amount of water - the main method in the treatment of sinusitis," - says Dr. Pribitkin.
  • Give up smoking when the symptoms of sinusitis.Smoking damages the finest, like hair, sinus projections, called cilia, which expel mucus out.Without healthy cilia your sinus, most likely clogged and pick up an infection.
  • Think of zinc for the prevention and treatment of chronic sinusitis.Antitussive medicine with a special zinc-containing substance to help in the fight against viruses if you simply and reduce the duration of the disease, says Dr. Pribitkin.
  • Eliminate the symptoms of allergies.Preventing an allergic reaction, and with it the blockage of the nasal passages and nazuh can prevent inflammation and infection of the sinuses, said Dr. Pribitkin.Now there are many allergy injections and tablets.Consult your allergist which ones are best suited to you.
  • better drops than clogged nose.If you have a common cold and you want to reduce the risk of sinusitis, try to use a medicine, thinning mucus and relieving nose, says Dr. Mebri.However, avoid antihistamines, which dry sinuses and thus deprive them of protection against infection.It can be used to treat sinusitis, saline nasal spray that will wash tight isolation, but will not cause swelling of the nasal membranes and will not damage the cilia.
  • Get vaccinated against sinusitis.Vaccinations against influenza to help reduce the risk of sinusitis.They activate the immune system and the body deals with germs before they have time to hurt him.Vaccinations against influenza also help prevent sinusitis, creating the body's immunity against the influenza virus.Talk to your doctor about antiviral seasonal vaccination.Vaccinations appropriate to do for 3 - 4 weeks before the expected epidemic.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.A healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables to prepare the body for the treatment of sinusitis symptoms.A good multivitamin preparation will fill gaps in your diet, recommends Dr. Mebri.
  • Be in shape.Regular exercise when symptoms of sinusitis increases blood flow to the sinuses, which helps them stay healthy and open."Have you noticed that when increasing the heart rate, your nose is working harder and thus clears the sinuses It's the same principle?", - Says Dr. Gross.
  • Exercises - is prevention rather than treatment of sinusitis symptoms.If you have picked up an infection, it is not necessary to go out to run a few miles or work an hour or two.Relax and do only light exercise, and when coping with sinusitis, start a regular exercise routine that will prevent future disease.