Appendicitis symptoms and treatment of children and adults |Symptoms of appendicitis

Appendicitis - a disease that is usually required for the treatment of surgical intervention.Treatment for appendicitis herbs, of course, can help relieve the painful symptoms, but does not alter the treatment of the surgeon.The symptoms of appendicitis can be identified and their own, if you know them.

Appendicitis - Symptoms in adults


The main symptom of appendicitis is abdominal pain.First, such a pain can spread or around the abdomen or on the upper right.In some cases, this determination may hinder an accurate diagnosis, sinceSimilar symptoms accompany and diseases such as inflammation of the small intestine or colon.


After a while, the pain becomes stronger, moving in the right lower abdomen.In this case, the signs of appendicitis can be defined as follows: press two fingers on the area in the right lower abdomen, and then abruptly straighten the fingers.In the case when the fingers odergivaniya signs appear of unbearable pain, which nevertheless take place rapidly, it means that the

symptoms of appendicitis confirmed and necessary treatment.


Vomiting and nausea can also be symptoms of appendicitis.True occurrence of similar symptoms - not a necessary symptom of appendicitis.And then, even if they will take place, it does not mean that they are the symptoms of appendicitis.For the exact same symptoms and is accompanied by some other gastrointestinal diseases.


High temperatures can also be a symptom of appendicitis.It also may not appear immediately.

Appendicitis - the signs and symptoms in children


The first and most striking symptom of appendicitis is a strong pain, under the influence of which, the patient's body involuntarily takes the fetal position.This is the most comfortable position, which supposedly relieves pain symptom that occurs inside the body.In the event of such symptoms need treatment.


Pain may begin to slack, pulling, cutting stabbing sensation in the abdomen.They are not typical symptomatic color and each may appear very different, but always require treatment.Cheerleaders is the first complaint of the child for signs of appendicitis.Because it is not so bad appendicitis and its treatment, as his exaggerated form - peritonitis.


inflammation of appendicitis causes symptoms such as loss of appetite.The body starts retreating from potentially dangerous things.In this case, it is any food.Sometimes this process goes so far that the child starts vomiting, which can also be a symptom of appendicitis, and an indicator of the need for treatment.


Appendicitis can be accompanied by symptoms such as severe, spasmodic pain of the head.Moreover, often in the treatment of pain is not help usual tablets.Headache appears after abdominal pain, so it is not a primary feature for the diagnosis and confirmation of the need for emergency treatment.


Children fever, a minor symptom of appendicitis in children.Strong inflammatory process causes a natural reaction, in the form of a high and growing temperature.In this state, all you can do is to call the ambulance and put a cold compress on the forehead of the child and treat symptoms.

Stages of development of symptoms of appendicitis

on the duration of the disease depends on its complexity and symptoms of appendicitis.Allocate such stages of symptoms:


Bluetongue (first 6 hours) the stage of appendicitis.Symptoms: abdominal pain, gradually growing and moving to the right.There may be a slight rise in temperature, single vomiting.The level of white blood cell count with symptoms of appendicitis increases to 12h109 / l.


abscess (up to days) the stage of appendicitis.Symptoms: worse pain in the right lower abdomen, fever, nausea and dry mouth.Inflammation of the appendix with passes to nearby tissues, urgent treatment is necessary.Leukocyte count reaches 20h109 / l.


gangrenosum (up to 3 days) the stage of appendicitis.Symptoms: The process is characterized by necrosis of tissue and are in it the vessels, nerve endings.There comes a "sham relief", weakening the pain, white blood cells may be reduced.However, to remain actively intoxication when appeditsite cellular debris, the spread of the inflammatory process further.


stage perforated appendicitis.Tags: appendix wall gap and hit his infected contents into the abdominal cavity.It is accompanied by unbearable pain throughout the abdomen, persistent vomiting, high fever.This step is almost impossible to treat.

leukocytes appendicitis are not sufficiently accurate diagnostic symptom, however, is always in need of treatment.Their number may increase slightly, more attention is paid to the leucocyte count (qualitative composition).But the CBC, along with a detailed description of the patient's complaints, helps to restore the whole picture and are more likely to identify appendicitis in the early stages.

reasons shows signs of appendicitis

reason manifestations of appendicitis symptoms can serve as constipation and eating unhealthy foods - such as baking flour, cane sugar, fried, tea, coffee and chocolate.When appendicitis and its treatment should also avoid alcoholic beverages, tobacco and spicy food.The appendix is ​​inflamed, when it can not freely dispose of their contents into the intestine.If not begin treatment appendectomy, the appendix may rupture, resulting in the body, and in some cases - even death.

Appendicitis - treatment, first aid

first treatment for acute appendicitis attack should be to ensure that the patient bed rest.It is necessary to make it the right iliac region bottle to treat, filled with cold water and call a doctor.While not coming doctor the patient is prohibited to eat and drink.In no case be self-medicate the patient of appendicitis and stabbing pain medications.

said that appendicitis can be treated and folk remedies.True life has shown that these methods are ineffective.In rare cases, the body can cope with the inflammation of the appendix, becauseit is enough security forces.One way or another, but appendicitis should be treated only by emergency surgery.If such interference is delayed for some time, this may lead to the fact that as a result of inflammation and begin to burst appendix peritonitis - purulent inflammation of the abdominal cavity.And this is fraught with fatal consequences.

Appendicitis herbal therapy

to treat appendicitis herbs clean the colon using an enema, preferably based on herbs.Use as much warm water as soon as possible.Enema brings great relief and very often immediately relieves the pain, but it can not save you from appendicitis and symptoms of inflammation.Can the treatment and relief of symptoms of appendicitis clysterize of peppermint, mint cat, white oak bark, bark or roots of wild alum.If you can not get grass, use plain water.Very warm enema of catnip eliminates pain.

night apply a poultice to the abdomen: Take Zhmenya granular or crushed leaves of mullein, add a tablespoon of granules or powder lobelia and sprinkle with ginger.Mix the herbs, pour boiling water and add the powder elm or cornflour to a paste.Poultice should stay warm when cool down, replace it.

After appendicitis attack for the treatment go on a liquid diet, drink broths, fruit juices and tea, infused on Elm bark.When the attacks take place, follow a nutritious diet.

White blood cells in the treatment of appendicitis appendicitis

at risk subject to any person, regardless of age and gender.Such a state, in order to avoid serious consequences, requires immediate surgical treatment of appendicitis.The symptoms of appendicitis can lead to more dangerous for the whole body inflammation of the walls lining the abdominal cavity - peritonitis.

The causes of appendicitis symptoms include the following theory:

  • blockage of the lumen of the appendix stool, foreign bodies, tumors, parasites.Consequently, in a process actively progressing bacteria and microorganisms, causing tissue necrosis.
  • Various infections can trigger disease (typhoid fever, tuberculosis, parasitic infestation).
  • Inflammation of blood vessels (vasculitis), affecting and surrounding tissue.

Causes vascular occlusion in the treatment of symptoms of appendicitis

inflammatory process in the appendix in almost all cases starts after plugging.These blockages can result in:

  • Individual appendix arrangement structure
  • Frequent eating sunflower seeds, nuts, fruit pits.These products may cause spasm of the wall of the appendix and inflammatory processes.
  • Disturbances in bowel habits.As a result of such violations, feces and mucus can get into the appendix, than give the "green light" to the development of infection.