Epicondylitis treatment of folk remedies

In this article we will look at the treatment of epicondylitis folk remedies.Epicondylitis is a condition in which there is inflammation of the muscles and the connection points of the humerus near the elbow.Most people are exposed to this disease systematically performing homogeneous motion at high load on the elbow, such as professional athletes, in particular, tennis.That is why epicondylitis also known as "tennis elbow."

Epicondylitis treatment of folk remedies - herbs


liter cans fill the root of sorrel, pour 0, 5 vodka and let infuse for ten days.From the resulting liqueurs make a gauze compress and apply to the affected area.The most effective leave compress at night.


the place of localization of the disease rub laurel oil (1 per day).Its analogs can be prepared and himself.To do this, you will need 200 g of sunflower oil and 4 tablespoons of crushed leaves of laurel.The ingredients should be mixed, to close and leave for a week in a warm place.Instead of sunflower oil, you can als

o use olive oil.


unique plant is the nettle, which is used in folk medicine, both for the overall strengthening of the body, and for the treatment and prevention of many diseases.In particular, the epicondylitis is recommended to rub the affected area with fresh nettle leaves.

tea for the treatment of epicondylitis folk remedies

To remove strong inflammation use ice tea.A teaspoon-leaf green tea Pour 200 ml of boiling water, cover and leave for 20 minutes.After that, cool, strain the tea and pour it into two strong plastic bags, that must be put in the freezer and leave to freeze.After that, remove the ice from the existing package, exposing it under cool water.Secure the ice on the elbow by a bandage.The second package, use or within a few hours after removal of the first or immediately, depending on the need.Repeat this procedure for four days.

Prevention of epicondylitis folk remedies and physical activities

For the prevention of disease exercise the joints, do a massage, visit the sauna or bath, eat a lot of vitamins.Using nothing but folk remedies, the result will not be as effective as using very effective in such cases, strength training (but only if you went on the mend!).


straighten and raise your arm to shoulder level, bend the wrist.With the other hand gently pull on the wrist to the elbow joint.Thus gradually stretch the muscles - 5-10 times for 20-30 seconds.


In the sitting position uprites forearm on his knee to him freely hanging brush.Take in hand dumbbell weight up to 500 g Slowly bend and unbend his hand at the wrist.Repeat the exercise 5-10raz.

Symptoms of epicondylitis

epicondylitis symptoms are pain in the elbow joint, which lasts a few weeks, and makes itself felt even at low loads, and reduced mobility of the elbow joint.By itself, epicondylitis is a chronic disease, so with the help of folk remedies can only be for some time to eliminate its symptoms, but with the advent of the next exercise on the elbow listed symptoms resumed with renewed vigor.Thus, epicondylitis treatment of folk remedies are the most effective.

first and most important thing to remember - the majority of diseases easier to prevent than to cure later.Therefore, people who are "working hands" in the first place recommended load as their strength and capabilities, and do not overdo it.For athletes, the most simple but effective precaution is elastic bandage on his elbow, which did not give the joint too overwork.If you are still not able to avoid this injury, we will advise how to get rid of its consequences and folk remedies at home.

using traditional remedies for the treatment of epicondylitis disease, always remember that the key to your success in the fight against disease is rest.When performing household chores, lifting weights alternate right and left hand, and on the treatment of refuse physical activities completely.Although this disease is not dangerous, treatment should be started at the first detection of its symptoms