Rectal cancer treatment folk remedies

is well known that for rectal cancer was initially necessary to remove a lot of pain with the help of acidic enzymes, peptides, fatty acids.It is no secret that there are plenty of methods of treatment of colorectal cancer.First of all, it is traditional medicine.However, sometimes it can be quite powerless.Then you need to seek help from traditional medicine.After all, traditional medicine is completely safe.

Rectal cancer treatment folk remedies


the treatment of colorectal cancer should take alcohol tincture of golden mustache and do microclysters (preferably overnight) in 20 ml of water tincture, juice golden mustache, oil balm.


Treatment with oil balm golden mustache.You need to take 40 ml sunflower oil (preferably unrefined) and 30 ml of alcohol tinctures.Recipe tincture: forty-five internodes (preferably crushed) on half a liter of vodka.Infuse is necessary to ten days.Then you can immediately use as microclysters.


Treatment with an aqueous infusion of the golden whiskers.You

first of all need: two sheets kallizii that the value of about twenty centimeters, and one liter of boiling water.Then you need to put in a water bath for about 10 minutes.After the same, you should carefully drain.This composition can be stored for more than seven days, not in the refrigerator.Immediately, before the actual use must be heated up to forty degrees.Use as micro enema.


treatment of colorectal cancer with the help of the juice of the golden whiskers.You need to take the plant (it is best if the plant is fresh) and thoroughly crush it.Then you need to squeeze the juice and let stand.Then strain.Use as micro enema.I should add that in the treatment of colon cancer can be done microclysters alcohol tincture of aconite.However, before applying the tincture should be diluted with water.

Benefits of treatment of colorectal cancer folk remedies

All the ingredients are completely natural folk remedies.In addition, they are very easy to buy in the pharmacy.Therefore, its main advantages is added and accessibility.Folk remedies are one of the most effective treatments for this disease.It should be noted that the treatment of cancer of the rectum, above all, use of tansy enzymes Boudreau, crocus, black radish.Of course, before the reception write need to take in food cakes.About four tablespoons.Cakes may be prepared from plants that contribute most to treatment of the gastrointestinal tract.