Esophagitis treatment of folk remedies

In this article, we will tell you about the treatment of esophagit

is folk remedies.So, what constitutes this disease?Speaking without unnecessary medical terms, this disease is associated with inflammation of the esophagus, usually chronic.This disease is most often exposed to the people, whose age has passed for thirty.

Esophagitis treatment of folk remedies - recipes


quince seeds have anti-inflammatory effect, so used in the treatment of esophagitis.From these seeds to the patient is useful only its slime.Suitable such means about five times a day and always before eating.


Flax seeds also possess antiseptic and calming effect on inflamed esophagus.In this case, the infusion take three times a day before each meal.


Oregano is a very useful tool for esophagitis.It removes puffiness with the esophagus, if taken before each meal daily.


Yarrow and nettles are used in the treatment of esophagitis and three times a day before meals.

Recommendations for the treatment of esophagitis folk remedies

Esophagitis is a very dangerous disease for every person who came under its influence.Indeed, today, are not infrequent cases where inflammation becomes esophagus cancer disease.Therefore it is very serious about this issue.The patient must stick to a bland diet in the diet to increase the amount of vegetable oil.Before going to bed load is not recommended.To sleep, a person suffering from esophagitis, must, in a semi-sitting position.

Take care of yourself.Do not expose your body and the body to various diseases.Spend time on the time of the prevention of a disease, to undergo medical check-ups, so as not to, God forbid, it was too late.Be healthy mind and body, and let every day be a holiday for you!

Symptoms and Causes of esophagitis

Esophagitis can manifest itself in the form of redness, and swelling, erosions and ulcers.Suffering from inflammation of the esophagus often experience pain during swallowing, pain in the back or chest.

Causes of this disease can be a variety of infections, and thermal and chemical damage.Patients with esophagitis necessarily have to be registered in a dispensary.

treat this disease is needed only in a hospital.As for folk remedies, they are used in a wide screen by physicians in clinics for disposal of esophageal inflammation.