Helicobacter treatment of folk remedies

Helicobacter (H. pylori) is a bacterium that infects a variety of gastric and duodenal ulcer area.use of natural elements is most effective for the treatment of Helicobacter folk remedies that have anti-inflammatory effect, ie,Natural antibiotics such as nettle, calendula, St. John's wort, etc.

Helicobacter treatment of folk remedies - liqueurs


For the first recipe you will need to mix equal quantities crushed flowers of calendula, yarrow, and St. John's wort grass.Two teaspoons of this mixture pour 0, 5 liters of boiling water and allow to stand for 40 minutes.Take half an hour before meals 4 times a day.There is also a more complicated recipe is the same infusion.To this end, in addition to the above herbs you need inflorescences of chamomile, celandine, fennel seeds and flax, marshmallow root and elecampane.Spoon collection leave overnight at 0, 5 liters of cold water, and in the morning boil, evaporate on a water bath for 40 minutes and leave those 2 hours.Recommendations for the use of th

e same as for a simple recipe.


to relieve pain and spasms in the stomach and intestines of the following is recommended.Crush and mix plantain, St. John's wort, and a series of celandine.Tea-spoon collection pour 250 ml boiling water, then wrap and leave for 2 hours.Take one tablespoon and a half hours after a meal.


One of the most effective folk remedies is also propolis.For this recipe you will need the following alcoholic propolis tincture, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.10 drops of tincture, dilute to 100 ml of water and take 1 teaspoon per hour before a meal.

Treatment of Helicobacter folk remedies at home - products


To normalize the acidity of gastric juice is used cabbage.Of cabbage leaves squeeze the juice using a juicer, heat it and take one glass three times a day.


Speed ​​up your recovery and help sea buckthorn oil.To do this, mix one teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil, honey, butter, cocoa powder and add a raw egg.Take three times a day, one teaspoon.

Helicobacter - signs

signs of the emergence of this microbe in the body is often the pain and discomfort in the stomach.However, this microorganism can easily exist in the human body for many years, and not giving itself felt.It should immediately be noted that the treatment of Helicobacter using folk remedies will not be as effective, if not immediately turn to traditional medicine.

And finally, the most important thing.Before you start treatment and during treatment is mandatory follow diet.Eliminate from your diet all fried, smoked, fatty, salty and spicy.Remember that our recovery depends primarily on ourselves.