Chalazion treatment of folk remedies

chalazion - a rather serious inflammatory eye disease, which is characterized by small tumor formed in the thickness of the century.People who recover from chalazion know that this disease requires special treatment.Therapies chalazion quite a lot.Enough common treatment of folk remedies, thank God, really a lot of recipes.After all, we know that traditional healers have collected all the knowledge concerning the disease, ways and means of treatment, which for many years from generation to generation.

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very common among the people here is a method of treatment of chalazion.It provides attachment to the so-called cold compress tumor consisting of boric acid.A cold compress over time is replaced by a hot compress using flax seed.


most common tool in the treatment of chalazion - this is an ordinary boiled egg warm.Boil an egg, clean it, to roll up in a scarf apply to the infected site.Very effective tool is also called a simple dill.To prepare tak

e a tablespoon of chopped dill and pour him a half cups of boiled water.After allowed to stand and cool dill, and then applied as a warm lotion to the eyelids.

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Not in vain for centuries people were talking about the healing properties of aloe and calendula - here are a couple of fine folk recipes for the treatment of chalazion.From calendula tincture to do for lotions.To produce a tincture is necessary to take ten grams of dried marigold flowers, zaparte it with one cup of boiling water, let stand for thirty minutes, then strain and can use.With regard to aloe, there is enough in order to squeeze the juice of medicinal plants, and periodically they smear the damaged areas.


Also aloe, another plant deserves attention for its beneficial therapeutic properties.I'm talking about kalanchoe.This plant is able to reduce the pain and remove all discomfort.


Do not forget also about Altea drug.chalazion treatment of folk remedies could not do without this plant, which is effective in the treatment of this eye disease.It should take six grams of marshmallow root powder, pour them a glass of cold filtered water and let stand for the next eight hours.The resulting infusion is used for rinsing.