Soothing folk remedies

In this age people are exposed to too many factors, irritating and disturb the peace of the nervous system.Especially suffers the female half of the population.Nervous disorders can trigger causes a nervous character and function.So before starting treatment, it is necessary to establish the correct diagnosis.Many traditional healers are not only good herbalists, but also psychologists, hypnotists.Next goes the list of simple soothing folk remedies.

soothing folk remedies - valerian, mint, hawthorn


Another known tincture, which is included in the list of soothing folk remedies and prepared quickly and easily.Take valerian root, twice chamomile leaves and a bit of cumin seeds.One tablespoon of herb mixture pour a glass of boiling water.Insist to cool moment, and then filter the.Take tincture for half a cup three times a day.


In cases of severe nerve excitations prepare the next infusion.Take two tablespoons of peppermint and fill it with 300 ml of boiling water.Steep for two hours in a se

aled pan, then strain.Take such a tincture three times a day over a glass of liquid.


into three parts hawthorn berries, add the same amount of valerian root, and two parts of hawthorn flowers.Then, add three parts herb St. John's wort, and the same amount of milfoil grass.A tablespoon of the resulting mixture, pour a glass of boiling water and leave for five hours, then strain.Take a quarter cup three times a day for half an hour before a meal.This liqueur has a soothing and regenerating effect on the nervous system.

soothing folk remedies - sunflower

To soothe shattered nerves using leaves and sunflower seeds.Sunflower is not only used for treating nervous system, but also to cure bronchitis, laryngitis and other diseases of the lungs.1 tablespoon of seeds and one tablespoon of finely chopped leaves should be boiled for half an hour in one liter of water.Then it is necessary to filter and cool the liquid.The resulting slurry can be sweetened with honey.Take 15 drops three times a day in all types of nervous disorders.

Garlic - a folk remedy for soothing

small amount of well chopped garlic boil in a glass of milk.Take hot.This means quickly to cope with nervous spasms, and is indispensable for seizures.