Nodular goiter treatment of folk remedies

treatment of nodular goiter folk remedies should be done very carefully and preferably under the supervision of a doctor, because this initiative can not only be inactive, but much ruin is not the most robust health.

nodular goiter treatment of folk remedies

nodular goiter treatment of folk remedies may, subject to certain rules and without departing from the formulation given initially.

spring can be assembled young willow leaves, fill a four-liter saucepan and cover with cold water.Then put the pan with the filling on low heat and continue to boil down to, as long as there will be in the pan slightly brown liquid, which by its density resembles sour cream.This "cream" must be applied in the thyroid gland once a day.This is best done at night.residues do not wash off in the morning.To be treated in such a tool should be all summer.Nodes on the thyroid gland will be lost, and the crop is reduced by half.

Features of treatment of nodular goiter

Thyroid related to endocrine glands, which are on

e of the most important elements of the endocrine system, which produce hormones.These hormones are necessary for the body to perform certain physiological functions.The manifestations of thyroid diseases occur due to various reasons.In some cases, it's all wine products excess or deficiency of thyroid hormones, and in another case, it is all due to the excess production of the hormone kaltsitonita.

Symptoms nodular goiter

There is as much as five degrees of thyroid enlargement.The most common thyroid diseases are the nodular toxic goiter and autoimmune thyroiditis.Nodular goiter is usually characterized by an increase in thyroid and increase its function, that is, an increase in productivity of the thyroid hormone.This hormone has a direct impact on most of the organs in the human body.The main complaint of patients suffering from this disease, a rapid heartbeat, which can occur even after quite minor physical exertion.

also symptoms of this disease is a constant weakness, fatigue.Some people notice to difficulties in performing even the simplest physical actions.Can Sports nervous excitability high level - a sick person can become very irritable, he will have emotional breakdowns, constant changes of mood.