Polycystic ovary treatment of folk remedies

Polycystic - a disease that is characterized by the appearance of cysts in some organs of the human body.In polycystic ovary except for traditional medicine as well proved treatment of folk remedies.

Infusions based on folk remedies for the treatment of polycystic ovary


tablespoon of burdock root peeled minced, pour a glass of boiling water, leave for the night.Drink three times a day for half an hour before eating a tablespoon of treatment - two weeks.


To prepare the collection will need 15 grams of the root Elecampane, 10 grams of leaves blue-gray blackberry, 10 grams Oregano, 10 grams of nettle, 10 grams of flax Kukushkin, 10 grams of sea buckthorn leaves, 5 grams of wormwood, 10 grams Yarugafield, 10 grams Susica marsh and 10 grams of clover lupinovogo.Spoon collection pour in a thermos and pour 250 ml boiling water, so 15 minutes.Pour from the thermos and insist half an hour, then strain.Drink half a cup three times a day for half an hour before meals.


Polycystic also treat ce

landine.It is necessary to collect celandine when it will bloom, then wash it, dry it and twist using a grinder.Then compound that you get, you have to fill with vodka at a ratio of one to one.And leave it to infuse tincture in a dark place for ten days.When ten days passed, strain the infusion and start taking a teaspoon along with fifty milliliters of cooled boiled water for half an hour before a meal, every morning.So we must take ten days.In the next ten days already take one tablespoon of tincture, as diluting its fifty milliliters of cooled boiled water, just as the morning half an hour before a meal.Even in ten days it is necessary to drink a tablespoon of drugs, its diluting, for half an hour before a meal, but three times a day.Such treatment of polycystic need to drink for a month.And then take a break for a month.Thus the need to treat three times, and then do an ultrasound.

Polycystic ovary treatment of folk remedies - packs

To prepare a compress will need 3 liters of water, a glass of vodka, a glass of vinegar and a tablespoon of baking soda.In repayment vinegar soda add all the remaining ingredients, mix well.Wet the cloth in the mixture and make compresses on the lower abdomen at night.Do they need two weeks without a break.After a three-week break, it will be possible to repeat the course again if necessary.This tool is not recommended for use in tumors.

swabs from the mummy - folk remedies treatment of polycystic ovary

To prepare swabs from the mummy, mummy will need to soak in warm water so as to obtain a paste, do a swab of the bandage and lubricate it in mummy, enter the vagina at night.To conduct the course in 10 days.Do not use during menstruation.Your treatment will be most effective if you combine wraps, pads, and herbal therapy.

Causes and symptoms of polycystic ovarian

The cause of the disease in most cases, is heredity.Its symptoms include pain, sometimes chronic, occasionally there may be a bloody urine, cyst fluid can cause chills and fever, during its progression in most cases there is increased blood pressure.

Polycystic ovaries - a hormonal disorder which leads to infertility.But this is not a fatal diagnosis, treatment of folk remedies is ideally combinable with conventional medicine will cure you.

Thus, with the help of not very complicated recipe, you can recover from polycystic without resorting to treatment with different drugs, but solely folk remedies.