Periarthritis treatment of folk remedies

periarthritis is a disease that can be characterized as an inflammatory process in the tissue around the large joints (joint capsule, ligaments, and tendons that surround the muscle).periarthritis Treatment of folk remedies carried out under the supervision of a physician and his recommendations.

Periarthritis treatment of folk remedies - infusions


tincture of herbs - violet, birch, nettle, willow.

You will need these herbs:

  • tricolor violet,
  • pivislaya birch,
  • nettle nettle,
  • bark of this tree, like a willow.

The first thing you need to mix one of the first three plants from the list above, and also two of the fourth component.To fill with water.Eat at half cup five times a day before meals.


tincture of herbs - bearberry, gryzhnik, cornflower, smartweed, corn silk, birch buds

for the next infusion of herbs you need are:

  • three of the leaves of bearberry ordinary,
  • two pieces of sweet grass gryzhnika,
  • two colors of blue cornflower,
  • two parts of such herbs as avian knotwee
  • three stigmas of the corn,
  • three parts of birch buds.

Preparation: All of the previously mentioned components are thoroughly mixed, then four tablespoons prepared mixture pour one liter of boiling water, then give it brew for five minutes after the boil again, then again we give the brew, but now for half an hour.Having made all the previously listed actions, strain the infusion, he is now ready for use.Eat it should be, when it is still warm, half a cup four times a day, one hour after a meal.

gruel of folk remedies for treatment of periarthritis


paste of herbs - chamomile, sweet clover, marshmallow.

you will need:

  • two parts of chamomile flowers (pharmacy),
  • two parts of such herbs as medicinal clover,
  • one part of the medicinal marshmallow leaves.

Preparation.All of the previously mentioned components should be pre-ground to a state of pulp.This can be done simply crushing herbs with a knife, or else use a blender.The resulting slurry should be applied to the places that you have hurt.It can be wrapped in gauze.Applying hot.


paste of herbs - calendula, nettle, harrow, yarrow, horsetail, flax.

you will need:

  • one part calendula flowers (drug),
  • one part nettle leaves (nettle),
  • two harrow the field root,
  • two parts yarrow herb,
  • two horsetail herb,
  • two ordinary flax seeds.

is used as a tincture, one-third cup, four times a day.Helps remove periarthritis

Folk remedies will help you in the treatment of periarthritis, if you follow the above decoctions reception mode.But it is worth remembering that the disease of the joints - this is quite serious, so do not neglect the advice of a specialist.