Juice diet - recipes

juices have become an integral part of our lives after they moved from the Soviet three-liter bottles in motley and elegant packaging that look at us from advertising.If you are going to use the juice for weight loss, then you should certainly get a juicer mixer or at least as useful juice must be freshly squeezed and only the juice will help to burn fat and lose kilograms.

What juices are used for weight loss

A popular misconception is that the most useful is the pure juice concentrate.In fact, this drink is often too heavy for the body, and most of the juice is much more easily accepted by the body in a diluted form.One hundred percent juice, of course, able to saturate your body the maximum amount of useful minerals and vitamins, but if you are seriously thinking about how to take the "juice diet", you need to be sure to take into account the peculiarities of each dietary drink - a juice can and even should be drunk undilutedand the other - no.

Terms of Use juices slimming

This weight loss method is one of the most low-calorie, so sometimes it even compare to starvation.A well-designed diet should be selected directly by a specific person, and if your diet was a professional dietitian, the decrease in the number of calories consumed is likely to occur incrementally.Typically, diet juices begin to enter into the diet gradually, so that the body has had time to readjust.Over time, the juices start to replace the more familiar dishes, and then the person is better prepared for the transition to the active part of the diet.It lies in the fact that the days when to consume juices and some other products are also added special handling days.These days, allowed to drink only dietary juice (600 ml) diluted with purified water (200 ml).Daily Value "juice" handling of the day should be divided into 4 portions, and you need to drink the juice at regular intervals.

slimming juice - Recipes

To prepare any juice diet should choose fresh, beautiful and ripe fruits, berries and vegetables.These fruits are the most juicy and most human way contribute to weight loss.Methods of preparation of any juice for weight loss is simple - you need to use a juicer or blender thoroughly mix the chopped fruit into small pieces.The sooner you drink the juice, the more benefits it will bring to your body.The most popular and useful for the figure are the following fruit juices: orange, quince, pineapple, cherry, grapefruit and apple.The juice of blackcurrant and other berry juices are sources of vitamin unique compounds that will strengthen your body and improve immunity.Enormous benefits can bring the consumption of some vegetable juices, but they usually need to consume in very small quantities.For example, it is known for its great influence on the shape of a mixture of juice of radish, radish and horseradish.

In any case, before you start to actively use the juice for weight loss, you should always consult a dietician and immunologist.This will allow you to choose the optimal diet for your body and gain confidence in the fact that your weight loss process will take place without harm to health.

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