Snoring Treatment folk remedies

British scientists (who else) have calculated the percentage of couples divorce where one spouse snores at night.The figures are frightening.What to do with snoring?Especially for the poor and the unfortunate sleep-deprived in this article will be listed folk remedies that are effective in the treatment of snoring.

Snoring Treatment folk remedies - recipes


most popular in folk medicine uses the following method to the treatment of snoring.Take two - three leaves of cabbage very finely chop them, or mince.After this simple procedure, add a tablespoon of honey.Take the mixture before going to bed.You can also squeeze the cabbage juice and mix with honey.Take the inside for four weeks.Rumor has it that really helps.


about various properties of distilled water is already almost legendary slogan.But few know that it is good and as folk remedies for snoring.Here's a pleasant surprise.Let a walking source of snoring is drinking a glass of distilled water every day.After a short period of time t

he body comes out in the form of mucus (again sorry) snot.After about a month it will be possible to observe the progress in the fight against the hated snoring.


Here is another method of treatment of snoring improvised means.It is necessary to mix one teaspoon once cinquefoil root, one tablespoon of elderberry fruit, 2 tablespoons of burdock ordinary and one teaspoon of horsetail.Peremel grass in a coffee grinder, and then pour a tablespoon of the resulting powder cup of boiling water.Let sit for an hour.Take a tablespoon of five times a day until complete recovery.


Note the poor wives snoring husbands - use sea buckthorn oil.Before going to bed drip husband for two - three drops of sea buckthorn oil in each nostril.The effect will be able to contemplate a couple of weeks.


Helps in anti snoring exercises to strengthen the muscles of the soft palate.Get ready to pronounce the sound "and" straining with the throat muscles of the soft palate and the cervical part of the muscle, you should have something between the sound of "I" and retching.Described prodelyvat exercise should be twenty-five - thirty times twice a day - morning and evening.Fourteen days (subject to proper training) you will see positive results.

exercises for the treatment of snoring - folk remedies

stop snoring folk remedies may be using a fairly simple exercise: 30 times per day with a maximum effort to pronounce the letter I. The downside is a sore throat or pobalivanie.

Causes Snoring

reasons for snoring are usually anatomical irregularities that have led to a narrowing of the airways and functional factors and diseases, which lead to a decrease in muscle tone in the throat.The first group includes the curvature of the nasal septum, congenital nasal passages are narrow, polyps are formed in the nose, elongated palatal tongue, shifted lower jaw with malocclusion, enlarged tonsils or obese.The second group may include decreased muscle tone during his own sleep, lack of sleep and fatigue, alcohol and sleeping pills, smoking, reduced thyroid function and aging.

Snoring Treatment folk remedies will not give instant results.But this is typical of any kind of treatment that fights the root cause, and does not produce healing problems.Once snoring will disappear exercise must be repeated periodically to maintain muscle tone.