Paraproctitis treatment of folk remedies

Paraproctitis (also called pararectal abscess) is an acute or chronic inflammation, in which case there is inflammation adrectal fiber.This is one of the most common diseases in the field of proctology, is about twenty percent of all diseases of the rectum.But even in the treatment of abscess you help folk remedies.

Paraproctitis treatment of folk remedies - infusions and decoctions


Preparation: you need fresh marigold flowers pour boiling water, leave for two hours.Then leave to cool.Then, the infusion is ready for use.Applied as it Paraproctitis treatment.When put an enema.


How to cook the onion milk?To do this, you need to take two liters of milk, pour it in a convenient bowl, boil, throw in his two medium onions, and four cloves of garlic.Boil for a few minutes.Then leave to cool.


People paraproctitis herbal therapy - you'll need: one teaspoon of chamomile (pharmacy), sage, yarrow.Preparation: The first thing you need to mix the herbs the data, then you need to top up the tank

with these herbs one cup of boiling water, then let stand for half an hour.The broth is ready.We need to do this with the help of micro enema solution, preferably in the evening (thirty to forty milliliters of the resulting broth).It is important to this enema, do ordinary enema.And then drink a third cup of the broth

Baths based on folk remedies for treatment of abscess


Just take quite a hot bath, draw water at such a temperature, which can withstand the maximum hot for you.Lying in a bath should be about half an hour.Preferably not less.Upon receipt of such baths, retreat disease.


In this case, can help sedentary salt baths, they reduce inflammation and reduce the pain.You will need: five liters of warm water, tablespoon of salt (usually either the sea).Preparation of the bath.You need to pour the warm pre-boiled water into a glass, then pour a tablespoon of salt to thoroughly stir until salt is dissolved in a glass.After the resulting liquid is necessary to drain (this can be done by using a folded in several layers of cheesecloth).Tray ready.Take it stands for ten minutes every day.The course - 10-14 days.

Remember that treatment paraproctitis folk remedies requires a serious approach, all procedures should be regularly.