Stretch Marks Treatment folk remedies

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treatment of stretch marks folk remedies - cream


considered a good means of cream that you can prepare at home.For this need cream, to which is added 1 g of the mummy.To produce rubbing on the area of ​​distressed assets on a daily basis.


Another cream that is suitable for rubbing, prepared on the basis of jojoba oil with the addition of orange oil, lavender extract, rosemary, jasmine and lemon juice.The mixture was left for a day.We use as a means to enhance the effectiveness of rubbing massage.


cream of lemon peel, almond oil, and yogurt is a good remedy for stretch marks.To do this, you need to peel using a grater lead to a state of slurry and mixing with the other ingredients, to apply to the places of localization of extensions.

Scrub on the basis of folk remedies for the treatment of stretch marks


also made at home scrub appreciate the result.To prepare the necessary and half a cup of vegetable oil in the same equivalent of salt and sugar glass.Mix the ingredients and apply during a shower.Effective application will scrub massage action.Progress will be evident as early as 3 weeks.


scrub with coffee are the best in the struggle not only against stretch marks, and cellulite.Coffee grounds can be mixed with sour cream or butter, and then applied to the skin massaging movements.

treatment of stretch marks folk remedies - almond oil

considered a good means of almond oil, especially in combination with massage and addition of rosemary oil.Also suitable oil from wheat germ - the truth, it dries longer.Oil of hazelnut is also suitable for the removal of stretch marks.

Causes Stretch

Stretch marks - this is the problem that happens to each of us.They arise for many reasons: sudden weight changes, fluctuations in hormonal balance, transferred pregnancy.However, they are very difficult to withdraw.Beauty salons offer us different ways of getting rid of stretch marks, which are often very expensive in terms of money and not everyone can afford these procedures.But do not despair!There are different national recipes from the stretch, which can also please their efficiency at a lower cost.

Using folk remedies of stretch marks, you get rid of those unattractive patterns.In order to avoid facing a similar problem, lead an active lifestyle and eat well.