Egg diet for 4 weeks

If you need a sharp weight loss, the egg diet for 4 weeks - just the perfect solution.It is designed not less than 4 weeks and the effect of it may vary from 15 to 28 kilograms depending on the characteristics of the body and being overweight.Diet and its efficiency tested by many famous personalities, and yet no one was disappointed in the effectiveness of this method of weight loss.

Egg diet for 4 weeks - the rules

Egg diet in its action is not aimed at reducing caloric intake, limit fat, etc., and chemical reactions that occur in the body during follow her, so to change dietit is not recommended.In this case, to vouch for the effectiveness of the diet is impossible.

So, a few golden rules that should be followed to achieve the desired result.Should drink as much fluid, it is better that it was a mineral, bottled water.Boiled vegetables prepared in water with the addition of salt or pepper, no broths.The food does not add any kind of oil or fat.Throughout the day you can drink a bottle or two of

carbonated diet drinks, or one glass of soda.You can drink coffee and tea, only sugar substitute, a natural sugar is not can not interrupt the power mode, the effect will be lost.

diet egg diet for 4 weeks

for breakfast daily eat half a grapefruit or orange, and 2 boiled eggs.

Monday for lunch any of the fruit in any quantity (apples, pears, melons, watermelons), dinner - fried or boiled meat, but not too fat.

Saturday: lunch - chicken without skin, in the evening - 2 eggs, salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, carrots), toast and orange.

Saturday: lunch eat cheese in any quantity, toast and some tomatoes.Supper meat.

Saturday: lunch favorite fruit in any quantity, dinner fried or boiled meat and salad.

Saturday: Lunch - 2 eggs and cooked vegetables, it can be beans, carrots, peas.We have supper with fish, one citrus (to choose from) and salad vegetables.

Saturday: Lunch - favorite fruit in any quantity, dinner with meat and salad.

Sunday: for lunch cook chicken without skin, tomatoes and boiled vegetables, citrus one.We have supper cooked vegetables.

Use egg diet

following this diet, you will find not only a good figure, but also save it after completing the diet.Egg diet - the most effective, fast and reliable way to lose weight and not go back to him again.But do not hold it too often, it can cause certain health problems.And one more thing: before you start a diet necessarily consult your doctor.

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