Osteoporosis Treatment folk remedies

Osteoporosis is shown at lower bone mineral density, as a consequence, it becomes very brittle and fracture possible even at the slightest physical exertion.Alternatively, in the treatment of osteoporosis folk remedies are used which are most practical and at the same time is not expensive.

Osteoporosis Treatment folk remedies - herbal tinctures and decoctions


Take 300 ml of tincture galeopsis ordinary and Knotweed, mixed with 400 ml of horsetail.Take one tablespoon before meals.


Take 200 grams of powdered mixture of rosemary, horsetail and knotweed.Pour 1 liter of water and simmer on low heat for an hour.Take before a meal of 100 g of broth in a month.


100 g of dry grinding of horsetail pour 1 liter of milk, bring to a boil, heat nestle and leave three hours.Strain and drink a glass three times a day for 12 weeks.

Recommendations for treatment of osteoporosis - folk remedies


Dial 5 kg of pebbles on the beach or the river.Grind to a consistency of sand and add (also in th

e form of sand), one teaspoon of copper sulfate and 100 g of citric acid.All this stir well.Pour a mixture of 10 liters of water, cover and leave for 15 days.5 liters of the most quality surpass the mixture through a distillation apparatus, and the rest is discarded.The resulting water drink 0.5 cups fasting.The result will be visible after 5-6 weeks.


Regardless of the form of osteoporosis, treatment of folk remedies for strengthening bone strength is recommended with the use of the mummy.The course of treatment is three weeks.Slice mummy, the size of a match head, take twice a day, dissolving it in 0.5 cups of hot water.


Squeeze juice of 10 lemons and pour it on the 6 raw eggs.Keep it all covered with a cloth, until the eggs themselves, together with the shell, do not dissolve.It takes about seven days.After adding 300 g of honey and 50 grams of cognac.Take one dessert spoon after meals, store in the dark.


100 grams of egg shell to withstand in the oven at 200 ° C and grind it into a powder.Mix with 100 grams of propolis, 50 grams of buckwheat or lime powder.Eat two tablespoons three times a day for 60 days.


Heat 1 liter of milk to 70 ° C and pour a glass of sour cream and yogurt, stir, add 20 g of calcium carbonate.Not boiling, remove from heat.Eat 100 ml 3-4 times a day.Continue to process up to two months.only store the resulting mixture in a cold place.