Heel spur symptoms and treatment of folk remedies |How to treat heel spur

heel spur is a special bony protuberance, which is where the tendons are attached.Treating the symptoms of heel spurs folk remedies bring significant results, but before you start you should consult with a physician.

Heel spur - symptoms

Heel spur is characterized by such basic symptom of a severe pain in the sole area.Initially, symptomatic pain occurs while walking.From the beginning, the pain is acute.For several hours it subsides, then amplified in again.Then symptomatic pain becomes permanent.For patients who have a job, the symptoms of heel spurs quite inappropriately.Because these symptoms significantly reduce the capacity of man.What possible treatment of the symptoms of heel spurs?There is a lot of variety of treatments.Treating the symptoms of heel spurs folk remedies - the most effective of them.Natural components that are included in the basis of all the folk remedies that are used in folk medicine, as well as possible helps speed

healing process Heel spur - treatment of folk remedies,

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from symptoms of heel spurs are also useful for the treatment of this recipe: make a paste of two cloves of garlic, 1ch.l.vegetable oil and a pinch of baking soda.Put the cake on a cheesecloth and apply to the affected area to treat, and it is better to bandage the heel spur.


If you mix 2 tbsp.spoons of ingredients: mustard, flour, sugar and salt, and pour wine vinegar to the consistency of sour cream, something like a folk remedy for the treatment of heel spurs can be applied as a compress for the night.The leg must be bandaged in the treatment.


For the treatment of heel spurs can be used one more simple method of folk remedies, based on an ordinary potato.Boil 5 potatoes, of which then need to make mashed potatoes, drenched with kerosene.Dipped in the mixture heel for symptoms of heel spurs and leave for 20 minutes.After this procedure, the treatment of heel spurs and wipe dry put on warm socks.This method of treatment is applied 3-4 times.


If the pain of the symptoms of heel spurs is unbearable, then we can also try another method of treatment of folk remedies on the basis of the potato.It is necessary for the treatment of heel spurs rub grated raw potatoes, and this slurry is used as the basis compress.We reserve until the morning.Conducting treatment during the week.


To help with the symptoms of heel spurs can come cabbage leaf, which impose honey.Then we apply it to the affected area, leaving for the night.treatment procedure is performed three days.


There is another recipe for the treatment of heel spurs folk remedies.When symptoms of heel spurs is necessary to take the cleaned onion, then cut it in half, and then put into a glass, which pour vinegar.The infusion for the treatment of heel spurs need to put on one day in a dark place.After twenty-four hours to remove the onions from the glass, and put spurs to the disturbing one Leaflets twice a day.can also be used for lubrication of heel spurs three times a day fresh juice or a paste of garlic cloves.For this treatment, folk remedies must first steam in the soda water spur, and then in time to accompany it with a bandage plastered gruel garlic.The procedure is the treatment of the symptoms of heel spurs repeat ten to fifteen times.


For the treatment of heel spurs folk remedies need to steam foot before going to bed, and a heel spur tie lemon peel with pulp residues.After such a treatment procedure carried out two or three times, you can safely remove heel spurs after a steaming skin.

symptoms of heel spurs Treatment using compresses of folk remedies


Lilac is not just a beautiful plant, but also a great help in treating the symptoms of heel spurs.In order to forget the pain, it is necessary to make a special infusion of folk remedies, which mix the dried flowers of the national means of lilac with vodka in equal terms.This mixture for the treatment of heel spurs folk remedies need to let it stand for 10 days in an isolated container to no light.The resulting extract can be cleaned the affected areas, as well as to make compresses for symptoms of heel spurs.


good way to treat the symptoms of heel spurs people's means - applying of tobacco leaves on a pre-lubricated with honey legs.Then wrap and leave overnight.Carrying out treatment procedures last up to 5 times.


will be effective compresses folk remedy nettle, mixed with leaves of burdock.Apply at night to the heel spur, apply within a week.


Folk remedy - the root of the iris is always in the people was considered curative.So, this plant will help in the treatment of heel spurs.Approximately 250 grams of the root of this plant to wash and mince.In this medical pulp pour 250 grams of alcohol and insist in a dark room for two weeks.This infusion should do compresses to treat the symptoms of heel dispute: a folded bandage soaked in a mixture of iris and alcohol should be applied to the sore spot for the night, wrapping his top polyethylene.But the next day should be liberally lubricate the heel with the symptoms of heel spurs ordinary petroleum jelly and then again repeat the procedure on the order.The treatment of heel spurs this folk remedy - 20 days.


from symptoms of heel spurs can be removed with the help of aloe.Clean sheet of paper should be cut lengthwise.That's just this fresh slice it and must be applied to spur or corns, which appeared on the leg.This is best done at night to cover spur Aloe compression paper or polyethylene, and then another, and bandage.Rough skin in the morning can be easily scraped off with a pumice stone or a special brush.

How to treat heel spur - people's councils

people's advice and recommendations for the treatment of symptoms of heel spurs


from heel spurs, a simple rubbing alcohol.The recipe gives an absolute guarantee of getting rid of symptoms.So, over low heat in a frying pan should be heated alcohol (remember about the security of flammable materials).This is followed in the hot lower alcohol sick or diseased spore heel of the foot for 15-20 minutes.


This recipe will help get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of heel spurs in only a few days.So, take 40 grams of bile of any animal other than birds, 20 grams of vodka and a few grams of a conventional shampoo.The mixture should be imposed on the steamed out heels for the night, top dressing for the treatment of socks.


is said that the place where he first appeared calcaneal spur to gently burn the tinder that smolders and then rinse thoroughly under hot water to treat the symptoms.

Folk remedies for baths, for the treatment of symptoms of heel spurs

Heel spur treatment of folk remedies - bath


For the treatment of heel spurs and its symptoms are well soar feet.In a warm bath should be poured very strong infusion of green walnut fruit nut, that is out of his shell.Not in any case not to rub up and rinsed.The whole course of treatment of heel spurs should be about fourteen days.You need very good scrape the skin on the leg, that is just under the heel spur, you only that steamed.Thereafter pribintovyvayut to place a small cake from the already softened propolis.If possible, go twenty-four hours so that the effect would be guaranteed.Repeat this procedure for the treatment of heel spurs folk remedies need regularly.


to treat the symptoms of heel spurs soar feet have warmed cologne "Triple".Pour it into the pot, and then pour it into hot waters.Instead of cologne you can use a regular whey.Once you hover legs, fifteen minutes in very hot water, you should dry out during dry wipe.Then wait until the legs again will not have much wet.Once, as they become wet again, we once again wipe them.Next, grease heel with symptoms of heel spurs regular toothpaste called "promo" (it can be purchased at any pharmacy, it is not very expensive).For that, it is very well absorbed into the skin, which says that your foot will not need wrapping bandages.The course of treatment must be fourteen felts, roofing felts fifteen days.

How to treat heel spur folk remedies - recipes healers

symptoms of heel spurs Treatment of folk remedies on prescription Vanga

patient felt in the left heel sharp pain, which is often not allowed to sleep at night.He went to the doctor, who explained that his so-called heel spurs and be very long painful treatment.And then he turned to Wang.It is advised to take two packages of thyme, pound it into powder and diluted with 50 grams of apple cider vinegar.Then apply the mixture on a woolen rag and apply to the sore spot with the symptoms of heel spurs three nights in a row.From this folk remedies treatment of pain passed.

Another man suffered the same pain from the symptoms of heel spurs, but he Wang suggested another folk remedy for the treatment of:

  • Wet wool rag in gasoline, attach to the sore spot, and the top cover is very hot copper plate so that it was difficult to endure,and hold three sessions of the treatment of heel spurs.And his pain stopped.
  • steam leg hot compresses or a hot bath, to impose a clay ointment or clay tortillas for 20 minutes.

Treatment of heel spurs on prescription Ivan Prokhorov - folk remedies

for removal and treatment of heel spurs do bath salt and soda solution.Take the pan from the solution of chicken eggs, turpentine and vinegar.

Heel spur - treatment of conspiracies and prayers

Pour into a basin of water, throw a leg of the cock, get their feet in a basin, read on ubylny month, three times: "As the cock at the dawn of the wings flapping, spurs stomping beforedawn is beautiful, so he clapped his wings, my spurs stomped before dawn adorned with my spurs did not leave. Get off, spurs, a rooster, with the servants of God (name). Amen. "

Multiple folk remedies treatment of heel spurs help for a long time.Although the treatment lasts a long time, but it is often the result of the treatment is so effective that a heel spur you forget for a long time!