Apple diet for weight loss

mono-diet is usually characterized by lack of vitamins and minerals, which adversely affects the human body.Against this background stands out the apple diet to lose weight, which provides the body with all the necessary complex of vitamins, minerals and elements.In addition, the apple diet is good heals the body, gives the skin freshness, improves tone and good mood.

Features apple diet to lose weight

Precautions for apple diet to lose weight

It is worth remembering that, as and any other diet, the diet on apples, which does not involve any additional food can be dangerous.Yes, indeed, apples contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, but even that does not allow the body to function properly and keep the appropriate tone.Thus, if you are opting for a diet on apples, it is not necessary to delay longer than three days.It is worth noting that the result is not the most astounding, especially given the fact that information is now being actively spread that is realistic to lose a lot of weight in a s

hort period of time.But we must not forget that this is not a healthy way to gain weight because not for one day or even a week.Therefore, no real diet can not guarantee weight loss in such a short time.

Rules of the apple diet to lose weight

If you decide that a diet on the apples of your needs - do not delay it for a long time, becauseyou can deplete your body.It is better to repeat a few weeks later this procedure.With apples, you can eat low-fat yogurt and make sure the water in large quantities.This activates the kidneys and intestines, to rid the body of excess toxins.Women should remember that their main vitamin - vitamin E, and the apples do not contain it.For this reason, the entire period that you attach to this diet every day you need to take 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil.Also, in this case, can be happy lovers seeds, which can be consumed in any quantity.

Menu diets for weight loss apple

Apple diet is especially good after a happy holidays and the eve of the event, which require a nice appearance.Also, the apple diet can be used as fasting days, if you want to lose weight.These days you can hold 1-2 times a week, and if you have a figure in the order - once a month.Such discharge day just maintain health, support a good figure.

Apple monodiets slimming

  • So: apple diet, modification number one day eat only apples, discard any other products, the number of apples is not limited.You need to drink a lot, preferably mineral water or infusion of herbs.
  • The second option involves the absorption of diet 1.5 kilogram per day, is not one or two times, and throughout the day.But it is strictly limited fluid intake - or rather, can not drink at all, just apples.
  • third option also provides a complete rejection of the absorption of liquid and only apples, but in contrast to the first embodiment of the apples must be exclusively in the liver have a.
  • And the fourth version of a diet - it's a six-day diet.It is not only effective for weight loss, such as apple diet to help cope with digestive problems.So, on the first day eat a kilo of apples, the second day of their number increases up to 1.5 kg, the third day shall increase servings to two kilograms of apples, the fourth - 4 kg of apples, fifth day - and the portion is reduced to 1.5 kg of apples andsixth day - 1 kg of apples.At the same time water and herbal infusions can absorb in any quantity, as in acute attacks of hunger, you can eat crackers, rye bread.

apple-kefir diet for weight loss

Also, the apple diet can include yogurt.Diet not only helps to cope with the "Zhirkov" at the waist, but also improves the digestive process, it is recommended even for pregnant women during toxicosis.The essence of the diet in a combination of yogurt and apples.During the day you can eat 5-6 apples and drink 2-3 cups of yogurt.Each apple you need to drink 0.5 cups of yogurt, it is better to divide the apples into several meals (preferably one at a time).

Fasting days on apples slimming

Fundamentals of fasting days on apples slimming

If you decide to give up the grueling diets and realize that all the weight that appeared gradually fade will be exactly the same pace - then dischargeday on the apples - this is what you need.And its main features are as follows:


Fasting days, despite the fact, what effect you want to achieve, not to be repeated more often than 1 time per week;


At this time you should drink at least 3 liters of water, can afford low-fat yogurt, but the essence of fasting day approximates essentially any mono-diet, only this last for 1 day;


If you arrange a fasting day - do not plan on it a little too active, becauseyou can overdo it, do not go to visit becauseyou may be tempted to mass and you, as a minimum, to spoil your mood;


It should be borne in mind that the purpose of fasting days is not to lose weight, but to the fact that the body is purified of toxins.With this in mind and come to this day, because eventually, when all the leaves from the harmful organism, gradually will go away and overweight;


completely eliminate the use of sugar and salt.You can arrange a fasting day on baked apples, which does not change the essence, but rather make this day even more delicious;

slimming results on apples

In order to feel some effect, and the more it visually determine such "shake-up" to the body's need to organize is not once or twice.It is important the motivation and personal desire.In this case, it is worth remembering that the apples - this is an extremely healthy fruit, and like unloading days you do not cause your body any harm.And due to the fact that they are quite nutritious due to the fiber content, it is nice to know that they at least calories.So the apples you can eat pounds, and the weight will not be added accurately.