Athlete's Foot Treatment folk remedies

Almost always folk remedies for excessive sweating of the feet help both men and women.However, there are cases when the folk remedies are powerless.But before you go to a specialist is necessary to try all the folk remedies.

Athlete's Foot Treatment folk remedies - infusions and decoctions


With increased sweating feet help fight horsetail, sage, peppermint, nettle, linden blossom, chamomile, walnut leaves, bay leaf, St. John's wort, birch leaves,dry grass celandine, rowan leaves, roots grechavki yellow, marigold flowers, wormwood, flaxseed.


useful and effective is a decoction of oat straw at sweating.It is worth adding broth oak bark.To prepare the broth is necessary to take 200 grams of oat straw, 50 grams of oak bark.Pour a mixture of water pail and bring to a boil.As part of it must be boiled off and infuse for half an hour.It should be used every day for foot baths.The legs must be in the bath for twenty minutes.

baths based on folk remedies in the treatment of hyperhidrosis

Bath with hyperhidrosis for foot baths is recommended to use a decoction of oak bark.To prepare it, you will need 50-100 grams of bark and a liter of water.Then for twenty - thirty minutes on a slow fire to boil.Ready broth strain and can be used for daily baths.You can also prepare a decoction of oak and willow bark.To do this you need two tablespoons of oak bark, willow bark tablespoon.Pour these ingredients 1.5 liters of water, and for fifteen - twenty minutes simmer over medium heat.Then strain the broth and can be used for baths broth every day or every other day.

Recommendations for the treatment of sweating of the feet with the help of folk remedies


So, to get rid of sweating in the warm season, in the first place is to change your shoes.For example, in the summer should not wear very closed and uncomfortable shoes, in which the legs do not feel very cozy.If you can not wear for any reason, open shoes, then wear cotton socks and, in any case, not synthetic.On weekends, try to walk barefoot, such as the beach, grass, asphalt.This is the simplest method, but also need to use folk remedies for Athlete's Foot in the form of powders, baths, infusions.


powder when sweating.Most often used as powders talc, boric acid powder, potato starch, talc, and mixture of starch or talc, starch and salicylic acid.Powders are used after you have washed and wiped his feet well.Also, in socks or stockings can sprinkle alum powder or shredded oak bark.