Folk remedies against parasites

Due to the deterioration of the environment and quality of food consumed various parasitic organisms began to actively proliferate.That is why today there is hardly a man who would not have had a problem with these organisms.Folk remedies often help get rid of the parasites quickly.

Folk remedies for pests - grass


in equal proportions to crush a large plantain leaf, rhizome calamus, color yarrow drug, rhizomes Elecampane.Ready raw material mix with honey, which should be three times greater.Take for two to three months to three or four times a day.


can prepare decoctions of tansy, tarragon, mint, chamomile, valerian root, buckthorn bark, pumpkin seeds.For example, you can two spoons of tansy flowers, chamomile and sage herbs to brew in 500 water.Take in the morning before breakfast.


Tincture of walnut is prepared in the following way: green peel fifteen nuts finely chop, pour 500 ml of alcohol insist 30 days in a dark place.Artemisia powder made from fruits and sheets which

are first dried, then ground to a fine powder.Seeds, carnation can be purchased at any store, but they need to grind.


One of the recipes for the deliverance is flax seeds.To prepare such a drug must be mixed in a ratio of 10: 1 and clove flaxseeds respectively.Grind on the grinder to form a powder and take doses teaspoons.The day should be taken approximately as follows: 25 grams of the drug per 70 kg body weight.Within a month it is necessary to comply with the medication regimen, that is to alternate three days of receiving three days of rest.Such powder may also be added to the various dishes.


get rid of parasites folk remedies is also using ginger, which ground to a powder and mixed with water or milk.This tool is also used as a good elixir for longevity.To increase its action to ginger add one teaspoon rubbed into powder dry lemon peel.This balm is drunk on an empty stomach.


bad in the fight against parasites use the carrot seeds.One spoon of seeds put into the thermos and poured a glass of boiled water at night.On the morning of the infusion is filtered, it is divided into three times and taken one hour before meals.

products and folk remedies to get rid of parasites

  • most popular means of struggle against the parasites are onions, garlic, pumpkin seeds, herbs and plants that have medicinal properties.If on an empty stomach to take the garlic, the worms will soon disappear.
  • Another excellent remedy for parasites is cranberry juice.You will need one cup of fresh berries from which to squeeze the juice and leave in the refrigerator.You can then add 200-400 ml.water, add sugar and cook over low heat for 30-40 minutes.Drink twice a day.This juice has disinfectant properties, so it is also an excellent preventive folk remedy against parasites.
  • for successful pest control is done the infusion of 2 heads of garlic and the juice of 1 lemon fresh crude.To this mixture add one tablespoon honey and everything is filled with one liter of cold boiled water.Take the infusion must be 30 grams every morning before eating.
  • Do not just get rid of the skins of grapefruit.They can also be dry, grind and take half a teaspoon 3 times a day.

enemas based on folk remedies for treating parasites

These herbs can also be used as an enema.To do this, you can use herbal tea sage, tansy color.You can use milk, pre-boil it garlic cloves.The most effective means of parasites are enemas with fresh garlic.It is possible in warm water to crush garlic cloves, to pass the water through cheesecloth, and then used for the disinfection of the intestine.This procedure is used to prevent the development of liver and kidney infections.

development of parasites in the human body

Studies show that every second, or is a carrier, or does not know about at this problem.As soon as the survey shows a disappointing result, a patient is prescribed a course of treatment by conventional medicine.We should not forget that the vast majority of drugs have a negative effect on the immune system in general.In order to weaken the adverse effect of the tablets during the treatment, it is recommended to use folk remedies to get rid of parasites.