Fruit diet for weight loss

One of the most popular in our time is a fruit diet.It is not only incredible efficiency, and ease.First, the diet is quite varied and delicious (see, fruit - not the worst product).Plus, this diet is a high content of vitamins in fruits, which ensures excellent health, good mood.During the diet healthier looking teeth, hair, skin and nails.In addition, the fruit diet perfect sweet tooth, because in the fruit a lot of glucose, ie, the body does not suffer.

Features fruit diet for weight loss

main thing - keep in mind that some types of fruits cause allergies, so choose only those fruits that you can easily carry and enjoy.The most common type of such diets are mono-diet, ie a diet in which one product predominates.These include banana, apple diet, etc.The idea is to eat only one kind of fruit, with drinking a lot of water (at least 2 liters a day), you can also afford to fruit juice of the same product.Some products (e.g., bananas) must exist in limited quantities, other (apples, melons) may have a

ny amount until saturation feel.

Rules fruit diet for weight loss

Very good summer fruit diet, which is based on the maximum absorption of liquids (unsweetened tea, mineral or boiled water, fresh juices).We eat alternately fruit, vegetable salad, seeds and nuts.This diet is very convenient.You can afford to "snack" at any time and the choice of products is very large.With such a diet for a week actually lose up to seven kilograms of excess weight, while not suffering from discomfort and not torturing your body.

Another option fruit diet is designed for minimum consumption of liquid.At night you can afford 500 ml of water (boiled or mineral), but the fruit (especially juicy) can absorb any amount (no more than 2 kg and not less than 1 kg).

Fruit diet - it's a great way to get rid of unwanted kilos, without losing the good appearance.In addition, fruit diet helps to get rid of the hated cellulite and prevents its occurrence.It is considered the best way to prepare for swimsuit figure.But in spite of all the benefits of such a diet, to get involved in it too not worth it, monotonous diet high in glucose, with almost no intake of fat is not the best effect on the body, so use it wisely.

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