abscesses Treatment folk remedies

Abscesses form in order to excrete something unnecessary.Folk remedies for the treatment of abscesses will not only help to eliminate them, but also to withdraw from the body that caused them.

Treatment boils folk remedies - recommendations

most important thing - you can not independently open the abscess, massaging it or put pressure on him.If he has matured and broke, you need to clean hands to squeeze all the pus, then rinse with a solution of potassium permanganate and boric acid, and two days of applying to the wound a hot compress of baking soda.

Herbs and fees for the treatment of abscesses using folk remedies


in equal proportions to mix the olive oil with the juice of aloe, moisten the composition of gauze and bandage it for a day on the boil.This is a good disinfectant and healing agent.


wonderful tool both from abscesses and from long-healing wounds is propolis.To do this in an enamel pot 100 mL vegetable oil and 100 g of vaseline boil, cool to 50 degrees, add 10 g of refi

ned wax from crushed propolis.Continuously stirring, heat the mixture, without bringing it to a boil for about 10 minutes.While it will still be hot, strain through cheesecloth.Lubricate it damaged areas, stored in a dark place.

Home remedies for the treatment of abscesses


Clear boils boils help following mixture: the two parts of a baked onion or garlic mixed with a portion of grated soap.If you can not bake a vegetable, cook it in a small amount of milk, pre-rubbed on a grater.Mix well and rub applied to the sore spot, fixing plaster.Change once a day.


simple recipe - Grate the raw potatoes, preferably young, and to impose on the boils.Bandaged.This dressing change several times a day, every 3-4 hours.


bread crumbs soaked in hot milk and make the night to boil.From this boil quickly ripen and dissolve the tumor.


Good help grated fresh vegetables - onions, carrots, beets.They can be applied individually to several hours or Stir.


Take the same amount of wheat flour and lard.On fat fry the flour for 10 minutes.Add milk (twice more than take flour) and boil until the mixture becomes a thick paste-like.On the sore spot warm paste to smear a thick layer, in 3-4 use you feel relief.

Symptoms of abscesses Abscesses

always accompanied by pain, swelling, human weakness, fever and headache, folk recipes from abscesses to help cope with this.

It's not all methods of treating abscesses folk remedies, but these recipes are time-tested and effective.