Cheese diet for a week

Cottage cheese is a unique product that contains many useful trace elements, minerals and vitamins in its composition has a beneficial lactobacilli.Cottage cheese - it is a source of phosphorus, calcium, iron and magnesium.And he - a pure protein, which is well absorbed by the human body (except for a small percentage can not tolerate casein), it contains amino acids, which help to absorb calcium.Cheese diet for weight loss, respectively, is one of the most useful and effective.

Cheese diet for a week

Such curd diet designed for a week.During this time, there is a clearing of the organism, cleans, normal work of intestines, strengthens the musculoskeletal system.In addition, the cottage cheese diet improves the appearance, gives the skin fresh, healthier hair, nails.

also a good idea to become fasting days on cottage cheese.On the day you need to eat a hundred grams of low-fat fresh cheese - that's all.It is necessary to drink a lot in a day you should consume at least two liters of non-carbonated

mineral water or purified.It is better to conduct such fasting days not more than once a month or after diseases, busy period, the abundance of holidays.

Use cottage cheese diet weight loss

Curd able to normalize cholesterol levels, as it contains the essential amino acids.Cottage cheese diet is recommended for people with liver disease, kidney disease, musculoskeletal system, as it contributes to the improvement of the blood-forming organs.In addition, low-fat cottage cheese is rich in riboflavin, which can significantly improve metabolism, normalize the work of gastrointestinal tract.And, of course, cottage cheese - a beauty product for women, because the calcium contained in it, contributes to the beauty and health of hair, teeth, nails.

This diet refers to mono-diet and is only suitable for people able to eat one product.For the diet is only suitable fat fresh cheese, which lies in the refrigerator for one day.So, while the curd cottage cheese diet and eat food from it only in the afternoon.Cooking is necessary without the use of salt and sugar, it is better in vegetable or olive oil is not used in this cream.

perfect solution would be a consumption of greens with cheese and low-calorie diet can be supplemented with green onion, cucumber, radish, tomatoes, beets.Do not forget to include fruits menu, just beware of bananas, grapes, in which too much sugar.

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