Folk remedies for uterine contractions

In the old days, when there was no contraception, women managed to use traditional methods and means of dealing with unwanted pregnancies.If, nevertheless, pregnancy advancing, looking for techniques and methods to artificially provoke a miscarriage, if the child was unwanted.Traditional recipes for uterine contractions help women get rid of an unwanted baby in early pregnancy as medicine then was not developed enough.

Folk remedies for uterine contractions after an abortion

Abortion has always been considered an extreme method.Now doctors do not advise to do it without a good reason.Such reasons can be regarded as an incurable disease of the child or a threat to the mother's life at birth.However, there are women who have abortions without fear of consequences, and it happens that they are lucky and still manage to get pregnant and give birth to a child again.But most abortion complications is up to infertility.

Already clandestine abortion is a criminal and bears criminal responsibility.This out

patient abortion is considered almost the norm.Despite this, women continue to be interested in folk remedies for uterine contractions that cause a miscarriage.Most likely, this is because many still believe that getting rid of the child's grandmother's method can be applied to the smallest injury, continue to believe in strange miracles.Any abortion - it is always harmful to the body and, as we know, is always better to prevent something than to deal with the consequences.Whatever it was, there are plants that can cause miscarriage.

Folk remedies - herbs and plants to reduce uterine


flattened moss has a very different effect on the body.The aqueous extract of this plant is used as an abortifacient uterine contractions but drink with infertility.They believed that the infusion of Lycopodium helps to restore female reproductive function.This plant is also used as a sedative uterine contractions, and sometimes as a laxative.


watercress juice is used for anemia and uterine tumors.Also, of course, it is one of the popular abortifacients.


lush clove Tri-color gentian and carnation field is also used for the manufacture of decoctions and infusions for artificial induction of abortion.

There are certain proportions and recipes for abortifacients of the above plants, which are always available on any dedicated resources.Still, it is always better to try to save the life of the child and their own health.