Rice diet for weight loss

Rice - extremely useful product, no wonder it has become the foundation of many cuisines of the world, it is appreciated for the cleaning effect, satiety and benefits for the body.That is why the rice diet is considered the best, absolutely harmless weight loss method.His popular diet is obliged not only to beautiful effect, which produces, but also a good cleansing functions.There are several options for such a diet, and everyone can choose what he likes.

Rice diet for weight loss - 5 volumes

Take three jars, each fall asleep for a handful of rice and pour 200 grams of water, daily water change in banks.On the fifth day in the morning the water is drained from the first jar and eat its contents without cooking, the rice eaten in place new fall asleep and put an end to "turn the can."So every day for breakfast we get rice, soaked in water for five days.

This diet promotes withdrawal from the body of excess salt, which is the reason for holding excess moisture, and accordingly - overweight.In addit

ion, soaked rice, getting into the body immediately starts to act as free from all kinds of impurities and unnecessary elements.The term of such a diet - 14 days, during a diet is to drastically reduce the intake of salt, otherwise the meaning is lost in the diet.

Rice with seafood diet for weight loss

first dish in your diet, of course, rice and seafood are the second.So you get two plates of food every day: rice and seafood, just note that you can not mix the dishes, you need to have a very individually.To fish and rice, you can add fresh herbs.Term this diet - 5 days.

seven-day rice diet for weight loss

In this case, the rice diet designed for a week, and is characterized by its simplicity and efficiency.Breakfast, lunch and dinner consisting of rice and various vegetables, the only rule - vegetables should be no more than rice, ie, a portion must consist of two equal parts of rice and vegetables.Mid-morning snack may consist of fruit, other products from the diet is better to exclude.Also note that we remove from the diet of a variety of seasonings, mayonnaise, hot sauce, salt.Instead, use lemon juice and olive oil.

Stiff rice diet for active slimming

third option is a diet version of the so-called "glass of rice."The duration of the diet - 3 days, it ensures maximum weight loss in the shortest possible time, but remember - repeat such a diet can be no more than once in ten days.The diet is primitive and simple - one cup of rice, which can be eaten at one time, or stretch for the whole day.

If you find it difficult to adhere to such a strict diet - dilute it with a few green apples a day.Remember that during such a diet is better to avoid strenuous exercise, it is better to postpone the fitness classes for three days.This rice diet for those who can easily stand monodiets quietly undergoing fasting days.

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