bilirubin Treatment folk remedies

Bilirubin - is one of the degradation products of hemoglobin, which is an increase in the blood, can be life-threatening.With an increase of bilirubin in the blood should be doing everything possible to reduce its concentration, that is, to bring the substance of the body, because it is toxic.Folk remedies, upon receipt of which in the blood decreases bilirubin are often used by many opponents of the medication.

bilirubin Treatment folk remedies - advice on nutrition

Chemical medicines for excretion of bilirubin can cause allergies or other inappropriate response.If a person decides to use folk remedies, it must be remembered that human toxicity excess bilirubin is not only withdraw by activating the liver and biliary tract, but also to heal the cause of the increase of bilirubin in the blood.The first thing to do is:


Avoid fried and fatty foods, thereby relieve the liver.This will help the body to gain more resources for processing it bilirubin


also discard the acute food and perchёn



is desirable to eliminate the use of alcohol

can eat boiled food as well as food, steamed.It is better to eat small portions of food throughout the day than to eat a lot, but rarely.This will help relieve the stomach, intestines and activates the bodies.

bilirubin Treatment with folk remedies - teas

alleviate the burden on the liver, can also use herbal teas:


tincture of Leonurus, chamomile and St. John's wort will have a diuretic effect, helps to cleanse the internal organs.Boil these herbs in a glass of 200 grams.Half liqueur drink in the morning for 20 minutes before eating.In the evening before going to sleep you need to drink the rest of the


Folk remedies, from which bilirubin is reduced - it is also a fresh beet juice, which is drunk every time before eating


Sometimes brew calendula and drink the broth during the day

Folk remedies often are safe, but not always effective for all without exception.If the bilirubin is increased in such dangerous diseases as hepatitis, should seek medical advice.If you have tried folk remedies, but due to the nature of your body, they were not sufficiently effective, it is better to consult a doctor and go through medical treatment, which will give the guarantee for your recovery.