Fibroadenoma treatment of folk remedies

Treatment fibroadenoma using folk remedies used since ancient times.Sometimes patients are desperate and do not believe they will recover with the help of expensive drugs and begin treatment of folk remedies.Today we know a lot of folk recipes that will help cope with the disease, but to cure it is worth to consult a doctor.

fibroadenoma treatment of folk remedies - tincture


a means In folk medicine, which helps get rid of the fibroadenoma.To make it, you'll need two hundred grams of fungus, two hundred grams of cognac or alcohol, fifty grams of yarrow, St. John's wort and fifty grams, rose, pine buds and wormwood, two hundred grams of aloe juice, five hundred grams of honey.So chaga wrap in a cloth and use the hammer grind it.Then pour it into an enamel pan or bowl, then add the remaining herbal ingredients.Then you need to add three liters of supernatant of boiled water and put the resulting composition on a slow fire.Make sure that the medication is not boiling, so at regular intervals set

aside to the side.After two hours, the means necessary to remove the wrap and something warm and leave for a day.Then it must drain and place in a cool place for three days.Take this facility in the first week of a teaspoon for thirty minutes before a meal, but the seventh day of the dose should be increased to a tablespoon.This medication should be taken from three weeks to three months.


Mix part of valerian root with the same number of hops, mint leaves and watch the leaves.After mixing one tablespoon of herb mixture pour a glass of boiling water.Take half cup three times a day before each meal.

Broth based on folk remedies to treat fibroadenomas


For the treatment of fibroadenomas and other female diseases helps fine collection "Royal Nest".This structure includes a number of different herbs that have medicinal properties.In this part there are twenty grams of meadowsweet, ulmaria, licorice, hawthorn, galangal roots calamus, blackthorn, elderberry, comfrey, marsh Belozerov, Limonium, burnet, calamus root, blackthorn, elderberry, comfrey, burdock root, white perestupnya, redgeranium, elecampane, rose, branchy Sitnik.Also, there is 60 grams.the roots of six-petalled labaznitsa and 20 c.aggregate fruits fungus and alder, viburnum and oak bark.This mixture must be ground and added to three liters of vodka.The composition must be given a month for infusion.Then take three times a day before food intake for one tablespoon.


When fibroadenoma help and a decoction of chamomile.It should be taken twice a day for 100 g.after meal.If you adhere to the correct meal and take a break, then the disease has receded.

fibroadenoma treatment of folk remedies - Tips healers

  • daily paint on the chest of the fibroadenoma iodized grid.
  • Mix the honey and the juice of Viburnum in the same proportions.Take twice a day - morning and evening one teaspoonful before each meal.